Study: Support for wind-farms in S-E NSW

The following is a news report from ABC:

The state Environment Department says a new study shows overwhelming support for wind-farms in the State’s south east.

A community survey shows 85 per cent of people support the developments, but almost all felt they needed more information.

A workshop for landholders on placing wind turbines on their properties will be held at Cooma early next month.

The Department’s Co-Ordinator for Renewable Energy Precincts, Chris Briggs, says the study was also useful in identifying key concerns.

“The main issue is potential noise impacts, and that’s why the figure drops to 60 per cent when asked if they’d like a wind farm near their residence,” he said.

“What I think is probably not well understood is that New South Wales has one of the toughest noise standards in the world when it comes to wind farms.

“Each wind-farm is regulated to 35db, which is just 5db above background noise.”

Nov 23, 2010

From the ABC.

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