Country Alliance will ‘fight to keep Hazelwood open’

Just in case anyone has any illusions about how bad the Country Alliance will be on climate policy if any of their candidates are actually elected, attached below is a release from the Eastern Victoria candidate for the Party. The Party simply isn’t engaging on the realities of climate change and the need for a just transition away from highly polluting brown coal.

Wragg can’t have it both ways

Greens candidate Cheryl Wragg is trying to fool the electorate with her views on the future of the Hazelwood Power Station, according to the Country Alliance party.

Eastern Victoria candidate Andrew Jones said the Greens want to close the Hazelwood Power Station while his party will fight to keep it open.

“Closing the power station would cost hundreds of jobs in the area, threaten the future of towns in the Gippsland area and cause statewide blackouts when its generation output is needed” he said.

“Yet the Greens candidate for this area is contradicting her own party to try and stop locals from turning on her”.

Ms Wragg has been reported as saying “I really wish the Greens would take a more sophisticated approach to Hazelwood power station…” and that her own party’s policy was “pitched at inner-city voters.”

“In other words, her own words show that her party’s policy is a dud. She can’t have it both ways. She either has to toe the party line – or run as a candidate for our party to keep the station open”

“The problem is, if she gets elected, she can belly-ache all she wants but she is ultimately likely to do what all politicians do and tow the party line. In her case, it would be to vote to close the power station, costing hundreds of local jobs”.

Contact: Andrew Jones 0427 557 093
Admin: / ph 0425 746 066

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