supporting the voices for renewable energy

In the three weeks since we launched this website, we have been delighted by the response we have received from people around Victoria.

Our premise was that while the forces opposed to wind farm developments are well organised and increasingly vocal, the majority of Victorians who support well planned renewables projects are not.

In spite of lots of noise from some quarters, including a range of climate skeptics and ‘wise use’ organisations, we believe that there is a real desire in the community – including rural Victoria – to find ways to support well planned and appropriate renewable projects.

This has been borne out by the reaction we have received. What is clear is that many people are wondering who the groups are behind the anti-wind farm campaigns, because they often are not transparent in their affiliations. People have consistently said that  they want leadership from political parties on the continued development of renewables.

The most visited pages and posts since we launched have been the ones highlighting the politics behind the anti wind farm campaigners:


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