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Yes 2 Renewables is Friends of the Earth Melbourne’s community campaign for 100% Renewable Energy, good jobs and climate justice, and we are the fiercest advocates for wind and solar around.

We campaign alongside workers, wind farmers and regional communities who love renewable energy because we know wind and solar are good for people and planet.

With climate impacts growing in severity around us, it’s clear we are in a climate crisis. Building renewable energy cuts pollution and creates good climate jobs. If Victoria is bold and ambitious, we can create thousands.

Over the years, Yes 2 Renewables has successfully campaigned to wind back the troubled Bailleu government’s anti-wind laws and the creation of a Victorian Renewable Energy Target which is now the only legislated energy policy in Australia beyond 2020.

Now we’re turning our attention to seeing Melbourne’s entire transport network powered by renewable energy, securing progress on Australia’s first offshore wind farm #StarOfTheSouth, and campaigning alongside workers and community members for a just transition to 100% Renewable Energy.

We’ve won before and with your support we can win again!

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We’ll be in touch soon. But for more insight into our work follow the link to our Facebook page.

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