Attempts to bully the champions of renewable energy must end

For years, community champions of wind and solar power have been forced to listen to right-wing politicians and shock jocks like Tony Abbott, Craig “Dead Cat” Kelly, Scott Morrison, crooked Angus Taylor, Alan Jones and others that rant and rave about baseload power while spreading misinformation about clean renewable energy.

We’re calling it: ongoing attempts to bully the champions of renewable energy must end.

Yesterday it was revealed that Australia’s polluting greenhouse gas emissions have reached the highest on record, driven by rises in the electricity system. Yet instead of the Morrison government leading, they are trying to bully the states leading on climate solutions.

In the past fortnight, the supposed “Minister for Reducing Emissions” Angus Taylor once again attacked states like Victoria leading on renewable energy claiming that state climate policies are causing “uncertainty” in the electricity market…nonsense.

The only thing creating uncertainty is the failure of successive Coalition governments to deliver a real plan on climate and energy, which is pushing up power prices and pollution.

A government that spends more time waging dumb culture war and bullying the champions of renewable energy will never be able to deliver cheaper power and climate action for the community.

In contrast, states like Victoria are proving what good renewable energy policy can deliver for climate jobs and power prices.

On June 21, 2019 the first sod turned on the Berrybank wind farm in Western Victoria: the towers will be built at the Keppel Prince wind tower factory in Portland, the turbine hubs assembled at the former Ford factory in Geelong (now dubbed the Vestas Renewable Energy Hub) and the wind technicians trained in Ballarat.

And once the wind farm is complete, every time the turbines turn they will be delivering cheaper power to Victorians, cutting polluting greenhouse gas emissions, and contributing to a safer climate for all.

This is why we champion renewables.

Angus Taylor and Scott Morrison have no plan to deliver these kinds of economic benefits of climate action to the community, and are only attacking the supporters of renewables as a distraction for their own failures.

Enough is enough.

From unprecedented bushfires in Tasmania, to flooding in Northern Australia, drought and mass fish deaths and sea level rise on Victoria’s coastlines, in the past twelve months the community has witnessed severe climate impacts.

It’s vital that leaders in politics and the community unite people around climate solutions, instead of using bully-boy tactics to divide people and delay action for their own self-interest.

If we’re going to deal with the reality of the climate crisis, deliver cheaper power into the future, and create good sustainable jobs in regional areas, Australia needs a plan to shift to 100% Renewable Energy ASAP.

Supporters of wind and solar won’t let bullying and misinformation by anti-renewables elites stop us from championing good climate jobs for the community.

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