Liberal party opposed to climate change action?

Signs that the Liberal Party is dominated by climate change deniers are becoming increasingly conspicuous:

  • Famously, or infamously, Leader of the Opposition Tony Abbott has said that “Climate change is crap” and the Federal Opposition is implacably opposed to PM Gillard’s carbon tax while not having an alternative policy to lower greenhouse gas production that any economist seems willing to support.
  • In August 2011 the Baillieu Victorian Liberal government placed in force new laws that will make further wind power development very difficult;
  • Around the same time NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell said that “if I had my way, we wouldn’t [approve any applications for wind farms in NSW]”;
  • Also in August the WA Liberal Party voted ‘by an overwhelming majority’ for a Royal Commission into climate change science – indicating that they were not convinced that it is real.
  • In September rumours were circulating that Isobel Redmond, Leader of the (Liberal) Opposition in South Australia, was considering introducing laws like those in Victoria when and if she gains power. (On 2011/09/27 I inquired of Ms Redmond’s intentions in regard to wind power should the Liberals win the next election. No reply as of 2011/10/04.)

2 thoughts on “Liberal party opposed to climate change action?

  1. I don’t know why the conservatives in this country bother pretending they support science when almost everything they say and most of their actions suggest they ignore it or have nothing but contempt for it.

    I would like to believe there are at least one or two people in the coalition who are pro-science but sadly they are being drowned out by the Luddites who prefers superstition and magical thinking.

    Do we try and hunt down the few remaining supporters of science and try to encourage them to speak up, or is it a waste of time?

    1. It is a pity that there seems to be an opinion in the science community that to get involved in publishing anything outside of science journals is a little beneath the dignity of a respectable scientist. There are obvious exceptions, several of whom we both know, but it is regretable that more don’t speak up at a time like this when there is so much ignorance of the value of science being displayed.

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