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Renewable Energy Investments in Australia Falls to its Lowest Since 2001

July 21, 2014



This article originally posted at the International Business Times. View the original post here.  Australia‘s renewable energy investment has declined to its lowest in 13 years. According to reports, the country has invested only $40 million in the first six months of 2014. The amount is said to be the lowest since 2001. The change […]

When will Australia have its Kodak moment on renewable energy?

July 18, 2014



This article originally posted at The Conversation. View the original post here. Ever since Clive Palmer announced that the Palmer United Party (PUP) would support the retention of the Renewable Energy Target (RET), The Australian and News Corp’s tabloids have really ramped up their attack on both renewables and Palmer. Immediately following the press conference […]

Green Energy Trading’s Ric Brazzale on Solar PV and the RET

July 17, 2014



Original article originally posted at EcoGeneration. View the original post here.  The Renewable Energy Target (RET), initially introduced by the Howard Government in 2001, has enjoyed bi-partisan support. In the lead up to the last election the Abbott Opposition committed to a continuation of the RET but announced that it would be reviewing the scheme, […]

Carbon tax axed: how it affects you, Australia and our emissions

July 16, 2014



This article originally posted at The Conversation. View the original post here.  Australia’s “carbon tax” is being axed – so what does it mean for you and for Australia? We asked Conversation readers to tell us on Facebook and Twitter what questions you’d like us to answer about the carbon tax repeal. Follow the links in each answer for more expert coverage. […]

Pollie Watch: Greens endorse call to boost renewables in Victoria

July 15, 2014


Greg wind turbine near portland_0

On Global Wind Energy Day 2014, Yes 2 Renewables joined the Geelong Sustainability Group and Surf Coast Energy Group in an open letter (PDF) to candidates standing for the seat of South Barwon regarding their support for renewable energy. The letter set out the barriers to renewable energy and jobs in the Geelong and Surf Coast […]


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