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Tony Abbott Planning To Kill Australia’s Renewable Energy Target

August 20, 2014


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This article originally posted at Clean Technica. View the original post here.  Let’s not kid ourselves — we all saw this coming. Australia’s Prime Minister Tony Abbott has reportedly asked the head of the Renewable Energy Target review to investigate abolishing the RET altogether, a process that has sidelined the Environment Minister Greg Hunt, and left renewable […]

Sharper focus on state renewables policies as Abbott plans to “axe” the RET

August 19, 2014


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Reports the Abbott government are seeking to “axe” the Renewable Energy Target puts a sharper focus on state government plans for renewable energy. With a Victorian state election on the horizon, voters want to know what plans the major parties have to secure renewable energy jobs and investment. A Renewable Energy & Jobs Forum in Portland on Sunday August 24 will […]

38% Of Spain’s July Electricity Demand Was Met By Wind and Solar Power

August 19, 2014



This article was originally posted at Clean Technica. View the original post here. Solar and wind energy sector has a bumper output in Spain last month as the two technologies fulfilled more than a third of the country’s total electricity demand. Low-carbon electricity sources generated more than 55% of the electricity consumed in Spain last […]

Renewable Energy Target cut would hit budget: modelling

August 18, 2014



This article was originally posted at The Conversation. View the original post here.  Reducing the renewable energy target would cost the federal budget about $680 million more to meet Australia’s target of 5% emissions reduction by 2020, according to modelling released today by climate and conservation groups. The modelling found that cutting the RET would […]

Germany Added A Lot Of Wind And Solar Power, And Its Electric Grid Became More Reliable

August 15, 2014



This article was originally posted at Climate Progress. View the original post here.  To hear its critics tell it, Germany’s ambitious push to switch over to renewable energy has delivered an electrical grid that’s capricious, unreliable, and prone to blackouts. But according to data highlighted by ECO Report last week, the reality on the ground […]


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