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India’s plan to stop importing coal deals another blow to Australia

November 18, 2014



India’s Energy Minister has announced a paradigm shift needs to take place in India’s energy sector. Protecting the environment, supplying off- grid residents and promoting energy security have been the motivations behind the move. The article was originally published in Reneweconomy. The article can be found here. In the same week that China and the […]

Australia is losing ground as the climate policy race gains pace

November 14, 2014



Newly surfaced global efforts to combat climate change are a stark reminder that Australia’s minimal direct action policies may not be enough to produce deep cuts to emissions. China installed more renewable energy capacity than fossil fuel or nuclear in 2013 which is the first year this has ever occurred. This article was originally published in […]

Voices of Macedon: Community consultation missing on key planning issues

November 13, 2014



Renewable energy is a mainstream election issue in the hotly-contested seat of Macedon. Anti-wind farm laws introduced by the Coaltion government in 2011 have hit the Macedon Ranges hard. A large-scale blanket ban on wind farms now cuts across the electorate. The anti-wind farm laws have cost the region jobs, investment and killed off a community wind farm proposal […]


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