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Morwell protests against inaction on Hazelwood mine fire, 2014. Pic: Ben Courtice February 18, 2015
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Cook Islands heading for 100% renewable electricity

February 17, 2015


wind turbine behind Muri beach, on Rarotonga, Cook Islands

A small and remote Pacific nation, with a population less than many Australian country towns, is striving to go 100% renewable energy by 2020 using “Te Mana o te Ra” or “the power from the sun”

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Historic Goldfields School Strikes Gold

February 13, 2015


peoples solar 2

Historic Chewton Primary School struck solar gold with the completion of fundraising for a 4kW solar system.  The Chewton project is the third for The People’s Solar, a community-based approach that “crowd-sources” tax deductible donations to pay for solar panels and then reinvests the saving from energy bills to support broader community goals. Principal Julie […]

Wind auction result delivers renewable energy and economic benefits to the ACT

February 10, 2015



Three wind farm’s will supply the ACT with 200 megawatts of renewable energy generation capacity, with a reduction of 580,000 tonnes of emissions each year. This is a serious emissions reduction effort from the ACT Government with broader economic benefits.  This was originally a media release from The ACT Government. It can be found here. Released 06/02/2015 […]

100% Renewable Energy For Burlington, VT

February 4, 2015



The concept of a 100% renewable towns may have seemed farfetched in the past, but stories from many countries are starting to surface proving that such a target is possible. In Burlington VT, electricity supply comes from all renewable sources. This article was originally published in CleanTechinca. It can be found here. These news stories […]


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