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Bolt from the blue: Australia-designed EV rocks Detroit

January 15, 2015


chevy-bolt-300x201 (1)

The Chevy Bolt a battery only electric vehicle has been designed in Australia, but for an American market. The little take up in the Australian market could be due to there being no price subsidy.  This article was published at Reneweconomy. The article can be found here. Holden’s Port Melbourne design team have designed a […]

U.K. And Germany Smash Wind Power Records

January 12, 2015


wind turbines germany

The UK and Germany have seen new heights in their domestic wind energy production. This growth, and continuing growth is strongly related to policy and regulatory decisions. If Australia followed suit with sensible energy policy, we could enjoy the same transition in the coming years.  This article was originally published by Climate Progress. It can […]

One for the record books: 2014 officially hottest year

January 9, 2015



The Japan Meteorological Agency has been the first of four major groups to release data relating to global average temperatures. The data is clear reminder to Australia that it’s current climate policy may be insufficient to curb these trends.  This article was published in Reneweconomy. The article can be found here. It’s official: 2014 has […]

Jerry Brown’s bold climate pledge: California to go 50 percent renewable in just 15 years

January 8, 2015



The Governor of California Jerry Brown has announced that the state will continue to be a leader in renewables, with a pledge to derive a full 50 percent of its energy from renewable sources by 2030. A similar pledge would help Victoria get back on track to support renewables. The article was found at Salon. The article […]


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