Pollie Watch: Sen Madigan’s attack on medical association baseless

4717398-3x2-940x627Anti-wind crusader Senator John Madigan has attacked the Australian Medical Association for releasing a public statement on wind energy. Senator Madigan told The Australian that the AMA’s statement on wind energy was “politically motivated.” Yes 2 Renewables responded to Senator Madigan’s claims in a letter to the editor published by The Courier.

Senator John Madigan’s claim the Australian Medical Association’s statement on wind energy was “politically motivated” is ridiculous.

As a trusted professional association, it’s in the interests of AMA members to communicate accurate information about wind energy and health.

The AMA should be applauded for allaying public fears surrounding the technology that have emerged as a result of an organised anti-wind farm campaign.

Such praise cannot be extended to Senator Madigan who has track-record anti-wind farm activism. Bringing into question the AMA’s motivations for releasing its wind energy statement is baseless and represents the latest expression of the Senator’s activism.

Mr Madigan compares the wind energy sector to the tobacco and asbestos industries, yet this comparison does not sit comfortably with the facts. There are now 20 reviews by credible health bodies that find wind energy is clean and safe.

Similarly overblown are the Senator’s claims about the imminent “death” of the Renewable Energy Target. The Howard government’s RET scheme is popular among Australians regardless of their political affiliation. It would be disadvantageous for the Abbott government to scrap (or weaken) a policy that enjoys such broad public support.

With the likes of Senator John Madigan siding with the radical anti-wind farm fringe, it’s time for politicians whose views reflect the Australian mainstream to stand up for renewables and reject misinformation about wind farms.

What do you think?… It is time for politicians to stand up for the Australian mainstream who overwhelmingly support renewable energy? Chime in below.

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