Extraterrestrial wind farm tour…

Wind energy technology is so cool, even extraterrestrial visitors are touring Earth’s wind farms. Recently, a photographer captured pictures of a ‘UFO’ visiting the Fullerbrook wind farm in Devon, England.

The intergalactic trip sets a new record for turbine tourism.

article-2516230-19BE87D300000578-365_634x405 **DO NOT BYLINE** DSC_7819_copy_crop1.jpg **DO NOT BYLINE**If you’d like to follow the lead of E.T and tour a wind farm, then here’s your chance (and you don’t have to travel lightyears).

With the generous support of Australia’s pioneering community-owned Hepburn Wind farm, Yes 2 Renewables is pleased to announce a wind farm tour on Saturday December 14.

Join the Yes 2 Renewables team, supporters and volunteers for a fun day at the wind farm. See these graceful kinetic sculptures up close, gain an understanding of community-owned renewable energy, and have some of your questions answered by the tour guides. RSVP essential.

*** DISCLAIMER: This disclaimer is here just to make sure you know we’re joking about the aliens :-J

One thought on “Extraterrestrial wind farm tour…

  1. Fortunately or unfortunately it wont come back because it; like wedge tailed eagles, was chopped up by the turbines and was secretly removed by FOE supporters.

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