ABC interview Yes 2 Renewables on the future of Tasmanian economy

In recent years, Tasmania has lagged behind the nation on key economic indicators. The Apple Isle has lost a third of all manufacturing jobs since the GFC and unemployment now stands above the national average. This situation cannot be sustained.

Screen Shot 2013-06-26 at 4.52.11 PMIn response to economic stagnation, a debate has started about how to create a stronger and more resilient Tasmanian economy.

Earlier this week, host of ABC Hobart’s Your Afternoon program, Penny Terry, invited Yes 2 Renewables to chime in. Leigh Ewbank explored the potential for Tasmania to become a national leader data centres.

Renewable energy and information and communications technology will be the key drivers of economic growth in the 21st Century. Ewbank argues that Tasmania’s abundant renewable energy resources and high-speed internet, courtesy of the National Broadband Network, make it a prime candidate for new economy firms such as Google, Apple and Facebook. These internet giants are seeking clean renewable energy sources to power the sever farms needed to meet the exponentially growth in cloud computing.

You can listen to Penny Terry’s interview with Leigh Ewbank here.

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