Pollie Watch: Combet supports ‘fixed’ Renewable Energy Target

gregThe Commonwealth government announced its response the Climate Change Authority’s review of the national Renewable Energy Target.

In a press conference today, Minister for Climate Change Greg Combet announced the government would maintain a fixed target of 41,000GWh, rather than move to a percentage-based target as suggested by some backward-looking industry players.

When decreasing electricity demand is taken into account, Australia may generate more than 20 percent of electricity from renewable sources by 2020.

While the RET policy is a national issue, Yes 2 Renewables reminds decision makers to consider the effect of state energy policies. Victoria’s restrictive wind farm planning laws is a case in point.

The Baillieu government’s anti-wind farm agenda has resulted in hundreds of megawatts worth of renewable energy projects being withdrawn. The effect of which puts more pressure on other states to achieve the national target.

For Victoria, this means less clean energy jobs and investment in a state that has just slipped into recession. And for Australia, it means a rich renewable energy resource is off the table.

denis-narrow-300x0The new Premier Denis Napthine has endorsed his predecessors wind energy laws, yet there’s still time for him to change course. Premier Napthine has the opportunity to level the playing field and allow Victoria to benefit from renewable energy development. The premier can do this by simply repealing his government’s anti-wind farm laws.

Over a thousand Victorians have joined Yes 2 Renewables and signed a petition calling on Napthine to dump Baillieu’s anti-wind farm laws. You can join them here.

Visit RenewEconomy and The Age for more coverage of the Commonwealth government’s response to the RET review.

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