Wanted: Yes 2 Renewables Volunteers

wind turbine2(1)February is a big month for wind energy in Victoria. VCAT will conclude its hearing that will determine the fate of the Cherry Tree Range (CTR) wind farm proposed for Trawool, south east of Seymour. As the first proposal since the Baillieu government introduced its anti-wind farm laws in 2011, the CTR emerges as a test case for the anti-wind farm laws and is being keenly watched by opponents and supporters of wind farms.

The burgeoning Yes 2 Renewables gained momentum in 2012. We have worked side-by-side with community groups passionate about rolling out renewables. We’ve raised awareness of the Baillieu government’s regressive wind farm planning laws, and held politicians and anti-wind farm activists to account.

We’re gearing up for an even bigger 2013.  To make a bigger impact over the year ahead we need more volunteers to join the campaign. Our state, Victoria, is the most polluting state in the most polluting developed nation (on a per capita basis). If we are to turn that around we’re going to need your help!

We’re currently looking for a research assistant, bloggers and community outreach volunteers. So if you have the skills and the interest, please email Y2R community coordinator Leigh Ewbank to find out how you can get involved: leigh.ewbank [at] foe.org.au

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