Coal closures give South Australia the chance to go 100% renewable

South Australia is now facing the prospect of going 100% renewable as base load power sources such as coal and nuclear are starting to be seen less desirable when partnered with variable renewable energy. With at least 15 shovel-ready wind farms … Continue reading Coal closures give South Australia the chance to go 100% renewable

Pollie Watch: Premier’s Renewable Energy Plan

PREMIER Daniel Andrews elected the Challicum Hills Wind Farm near Buangor on last week as the location to announce a plan to make Victoria the country’s leading state in renewable energy. Mr Andrews praised Ararat Rural City as the state’s … Continue reading Pollie Watch: Premier’s Renewable Energy Plan

6 charts that show renewable energy is getting cheaper

We are reaching an age that many skeptics dismissed as an energy fantasy. But the reality is in the data, mostly all renewable sources are getting cheaper, more competitive without subsides, and becoming the most viable option for our energy … Continue reading 6 charts that show renewable energy is getting cheaper

U.K. And Germany Smash Wind Power Records

The UK and Germany have seen new heights in their domestic wind energy production. This growth, and continuing growth is strongly related to policy and regulatory decisions. If Australia followed suit with sensible energy policy, we could enjoy the same … Continue reading U.K. And Germany Smash Wind Power Records

Australian energy policy – and what’s making it sick

The discrediting of wind technology can come in all shapes and forms. From the treasurer, the PM and various conservative think tanks we often see a spin relating to the appearance productivity and overall safety of the technology. This piece is by Ketan Joshi.  This article was originally published on The article was sourced here. You’re driving down a stretch of familiar highway and the road in front of you is framed by gently undulating landscape. As you weave past a familiar corner, a single set of rotating blades emerges over the hill. Your skin bristles as you watch a … Continue reading Australian energy policy – and what’s making it sick

Fact Check: WSJ Editorial Obscures Truth About Renewable Energy Success

Dismissing the future of wind power is all too common, with false claims about wind power’s affordability and success plaguing the Australian and U.S news media. Although, when really in comparison to the European Union, the United States and Australia have superior renewable resources. 

Original article published by Into The Wind. It can be found here

The Wall Street Journal today carried a wildly overblown editorial titled “The New Dark Continent,” attacking Europe’s strong push to develop renewable energy sources.

First, the Journal is dead wrong about Europe’s successful transition to renewables. Second, even if its criticisms had merit, they would not apply to the completely different policy framework and vastly superior renewable energy resources that exist in the United States.

It should not come as a surprise that owners of other forms of energy don’t like renewable energy providing competition and cutting into their profit margins. However, that does not excuse them or the Journal from making false claims about renewable energy’s cost, reliability, and environmental benefits.

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Global Wind ‘Nudging 300GW’

A study by the World Wind Energy Association has found that the global wind capacity is reaching 300 GW, with Australia having about 1% of this capacity. Until fair wind farm laws are reinstated in Victoria, how can we expect the Victorian wind sector to make major growth and be an influence in driving Australia’s capacity?

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Screen shot 2013-10-21 at 4.21.36 PM

Global wind capacity reached 296,255MW by the end of June with 13,980MW of this added in the first six months of 2013, a study shows.

The 5% rise was revealed in the half-year report by the World Wind Energy Association, which also showed the wind turbines installed worldwide by mid-2013 are capable of meeting some 3.5 % of global electricity demand.

The increase in capacity, however, is significantly less than in the first half of 2012 and 2011 when 16.5GW and 18.4GW were added respectively for rises of 7% and 9%. Continue reading “Global Wind ‘Nudging 300GW’”

Storing wind energy: new developments

A story published at Grist highlights some of the latest developments in storage technologies for wind power. The Laurel Mountain wind farm in West Virginia, USA, is home to the world’s largest lithium-ion battery, rated at 32 megawatts (the wind farm is rated at 98 megawatts). Another, slightly larger (dry-cell) battery storage system is planned for Duke Energy’s Notrees wind farm in Texas. According to Forbes, AES engineered the Laurel Mountain project for power regulation partly because there has always been demand for this type of service. Utilities typically are required to reserve power each day to deal with any … Continue reading Storing wind energy: new developments