IPCC climate change report: Rationale for more renewables

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change‘s  Fifth Assessment Report was released in late September 2013. A few days after its release the Australian Bureau of Meteorology reported that the year ending on September 30th was the hottest on record for almost all of South Australia; and a large part of Australia.

BoMTempsClimatologists tell us that extreme weather events are likely to become more common as climate change advances, such as the extreme winds that damaged bean crops in the Northern Agricultural Districts of South Australia on the 30th September and again on 2nd October.

20131003_5sHow long can the country’s leaders continue to ignore, or at least to trivialise, climate change? How long can they neglect the fact that Australia is one of the main culprits among the nations causing climate change? Continue reading “IPCC climate change report: Rationale for more renewables”