Show Me The Evidence: Juggling Climate pseudo-skepticism and ‘Wind Turbine Syndrome’

While the latest IPCC report was released, the conversation around climate science has been burdened by passionate ‘climate skeptics’ and wind farm opponents. In the face of a ‘peer-reviewed’ scientific report, skeptics still continue to pick and choose evidence to flatter their worldview.

The following article by Ketan Joshi, Research and Communications Officer at Infigen Energy, explores this terrain. These views are his own. The original article can be found here.


Last Friday, the IPCC report on climate change was released. George Monbiot of The Guardian describes it neatly:

“It’s perhaps the biggest and most rigorous process of peer review conducted in any scientific field, at any point in human history.”

For a good summary of the report, try Graham Readfearn’s article, ‘IPCC climate change report by numbers‘, or The Guardian’s interactive infographic.

Essentially, if we keep injecting greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, the Earth will continue to warm – the Earth being our domicile, that small rock, covered by a thin film of liquid and gases, hurtling through space, the surface of which we should really, really shouldn’t screw up.

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