Macedon community announces sustainability festival!

The Macedon Ranges Sustainable Living Festival is set to return in February 2015. But this time there‚Äôs something different. Is it possible that the Macedon Ranges Sustainable Living Festival has been affected by climate change? With 2014 likely to be, … Continue reading Macedon community announces sustainability festival!

Communities want wind energy

This week Victorians will be able to attend public meetings on wind farms organised by Senators Madigan and Xenophon. Madigan is known to be anti-windfarms, while Xenophon appears to be a recent convert to the anti-windfarm campaign. Later this week is world wind energy day, on the 15th. Let’s remember that despite a vocal and well-connected opposition, wind energy is actually very popular with Australian communities, as the article below from Energy Matters explains. Wind Farm Perceptions In Victoria, NSW and South Australia From Energy Matters While community opposition to wind farms may appear to have received the lion’s share … Continue reading Communities want wind energy

Renewable energy for Pacific islands

The following is from ABC Asia Pacific News. Many small island states face immersion if the sea levels keep rising; the whole world has to follow their lead if we are to have any impact! Pacific pledge to switch to renewable energy Pacific Island nations have pledged to dump diesel and similar fuels they use to produce energy and replace them with renewable power sources. Tuvalu, Tokelau and Cook Islands’ leaders outlined their renewable energy targets this week. The Deputy Prime Minister of Tuvalu, Kausa Natano has told Pacific Beat the implementation of renewable energy schemes in small island states … Continue reading Renewable energy for Pacific islands

Minnesota: 100% renewable is doable

The following press release is about a new study for how the northern USA state of Minnesota could produce all it’s electricity from renewable energy. The study is by by Arjun Makhijani, Ph.D. and Christina Mills, J.D. (Institute for Energy and Environmental Research) and M.V. Ramana, Ph.D. ( Princeton University). You can download the full report (PDF) here and the executive summary (PDF) here. Renewable Energy World has also summarised the findings of the report if you want a quick read. MINNESOTA WIND AND SOLAR RESOURCES CAN SUPPLY 100% OF STATE’S ELECTRICITY; GROUNDBREAKING STUDY SHOWS IT CAN BE DONE RELIABLY … Continue reading Minnesota: 100% renewable is doable