Senator Bob Day and Wind Turbine Syndrome

This piece is by David Clarke. For more information see There have been many reviews of the available evidence by the world’s public health bodies and studies published in health science journals. Not one of these has concluded that wind turbines … Continue reading Senator Bob Day and Wind Turbine Syndrome

Balancing the Scales: Science and Threat

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By Ketan Joshi,  Research and Communications Officer at Infigen Energy. These views are his own.

Subterfuge, menace and politics. These things are deeply compelling. You need not linger long on your favourite news program to hear stories of intimidation and drama, breathlessly and urgently thrust at viewers hungry for cunning.

A frequent casualty in the ever-churning maelstrom of political drama is rational discourse. As soon as powerful individuals with interests in fossil fuels opened their wallets to climate denial, public conversation became horribly disfigured – a cabal of non-expert climate change deniers, furiously and tirelessly disseminating falsehoods across many different forms of media.  Continue reading “Balancing the Scales: Science and Threat”

Wind generated power on 2012/02/25

Coalition attack on wind power debunked

The following by our occasional contributor Dave Clarke was first published at his website, entitled “Rowan Ramsey, Member for Grey; or should that be Member for the fossil-fuel industry?“ Rowan Ramsey gave a speech in the Australian Parliament in mid-February … Continue reading Coalition attack on wind power debunked

what's the real climate conspiracy?

Federal MP blasts anti-windfarm groups

John Murphy, federal ALP MP for the seat of Reid (inner-western Sydney)  made some extensive comments regarding the Landscape Guardians and other anti-windfarm groups in Federal Parliament on Wednesday 15 February. Independent Australia has republished his comments in full, here … Continue reading Federal MP blasts anti-windfarm groups