The most dishonest campaign yet against a wind farm?

A group calling itself Heartland Farmers is conducting a campaign against the Ceres Project wind farm proposed for Yorke Peninsula in South Australia.  Their opposition is mainly based on the claim that “If turbines are erected on farms in Central … Continue reading The most dishonest campaign yet against a wind farm?

Pollie Watch: Vic Greens leader says anti-wind farm lobby causes stress, anxiety

Greg wind turbine near portland_0Victorian Greens Leader Greg Barber (MLC) has joined his federal counterpart Senator Richard Di Natale in identifying anti-wind farm campaigning as the source of stress and anxiety falsely attributed to wind mills.

On Thursday March 1, the Australian Senate debated the anti-wind farm bill  proposed by Senators John Madigan (DLP) and Nick Xenaphon (Ind). Greens Senator Richard Di Natale  gave a powerful speech addressing the alleged health impacts from wind farm noise. Di Natale, a doctor and medical health specialist, said “It is the spread of misinformation that causes harm; not the wind turbines themselves.”

Mr Barber’s office released the following statement on the matter echoing Di Natale’s assessment of the real causes of stress and anxiety:

The Greens say it is the anti wind farm lobby that is causing stress and anxiety amongst wind farm neighbours.“There is no ‘wind turbine syndrome’, only Simon Ramsay Syndrome,” said Victorian Greens Leader Greg Barber.“He’s running around scaring people into thinking this mysterious low frequency noise is making them sick.”  Continue reading “Pollie Watch: Vic Greens leader says anti-wind farm lobby causes stress, anxiety”

Lay off the wind farms

Much has been made of the farmer whose chickens laid yolkless eggs, near the Waterloo wind farm, mentioned in articles in The Australian. Sinister? Maybe it’s not such a worry. The following was a letter published in the Mid North Broadcaster in Burra, South Australia: Fowl Falsity Speculation that wind farms are bad for you because they effect chooks by making them lay eggs without yolks is not true. At this time of the year the chooks are moulting and getting new feathers, so this causes the chooks to stop laying or lay eggs without a yolk. I know this … Continue reading Lay off the wind farms

Wind farms “cause climate change” – Not!

So the UK’s Telegraph has an article with the following headline and subheading: “Wind farms can cause climate change, finds new study” “Wind farms can cause climate change, according to new research, that shows for the first time the new technology is already pushing up temperatures.” Wow. And here were we foolish greenies, thinking they were helping us to cut greenhouse emissions. Now here’s the beginning of the article that some ideological crusader of an editor pinned that incredible headline onto: Usually at night the air closer to the ground becomes colder when the sun goes down and the earth … Continue reading Wind farms “cause climate change” – Not!

NSW: wind supporters, speak up!

The opening for submissions on the NSW wind guidelines has brought out many supporters of wind to highlight some of the practical reasons why they think wind energy will benefit them and their community. Predictably, there are also numerous submissions … Continue reading NSW: wind supporters, speak up!

Greens candidate backs wind power

Good to see a bit of vision in the NSW election! Despite the fear campaign waged in the build up to the Victorian election, the ALP support for wind energy played out well for them in regional Victoria. Stand back and wait for the howls from the ‘antis’. This comes via ABC. Greens candidate backs wind power The Greens candidate for Murray Darling says renewable energy can provide a revenue stream for people in country areas. Heidi Hendry has welcomed a statement from the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard that wind is the energy of the future. Ms Hendry says renewable … Continue reading Greens candidate backs wind power