Fremantle community wind farm proposal gains momentum

Everyone loves a good news story…

I’m pleased to inform you that the Fremantle Community Wind Farm group has met its crowdfunding target to produce a series of educational films about its vision of a community-owned wind farm at the Port of Fremantle. The ease by which the group attracted funds is a good sign for the proposal. It will be a big morale booster for the local community members as they set out to follow in the footsteps of the Hepburn Wind and Denmark Community Wind Farm projects. The following post is by Jamie Ally, a leading member of the Fremantle Community Wind Farm group: 

The Fremantle Community Wind Farm: A vision for a energy independent and resilient local energy system.

The Fremantle Wind Farm is a project proposed for Fremantle Port, consisting of eight to 12 turbines placed around the outer harbour.  The City of Fremantle is notoriously windy, and with an eight-turbine design the wind farm would generate enough energy to power over 3000 homes. It will be community-owned so that profits remain within the community and a percentage of profits will be returned to community projects with compatible objectives.

The project is not new. It was first developed to the point of Planning Approval by Pacific Hydro a decade ago so the quality of the wind resource is well-established with years of wind data. However, the project did not proceed at that time because the previous development team was unable to reach an agreement with the Fremantle Port Authority for land access.   Continue reading “Fremantle community wind farm proposal gains momentum”