‘Protean’ wave energy device to start commercial production soon

The following comes from The Australian newspaper. Journalist: Graham Lloyd. All’s swell for new-wave energy THE Eureka moment for Perth inventor Sean Moore, 41, came when his Protean wave energy device achieved its sixth degree of freedom. The discovery gave Mr Moore’s low-cost buoy system the greatest efficiency possible to generate electricity from harnessing the perpetual motion of the sea. Unlike other wave power technologies that generate electricity from only one or two degrees of movement out of a possible six — heave, surge, sway, yaw, pitch and roll — Mr Moore’s Protean device captures the lot. Based on well-known … Continue reading ‘Protean’ wave energy device to start commercial production soon

Study claims 100 percent renewable energy possible by 2030

The following comes from the PhysOrg website. New research has shown that it is possible and affordable for the world to achieve 100 percent renewable energy by 2030, if there is the political will to strive for this goal. Achieving 100 percent renewable energy would mean the building of about four million 5 MW wind turbines, 1.7 billion 3 kW roof-mounted solar photovoltaic systems, and around 90,000 300 MW solar power plants. Mark Delucchi, one of the authors of the report, which was published in the journal Energy Policy, said the researchers had aimed to show enough renewable energy is … Continue reading Study claims 100 percent renewable energy possible by 2030

India plans Asian tidal power first

From Richard Black, environment reporter, the Guardian newspaper. “There is a feeling in the industry that a phase of fast expansion is beginning”. The Indian state of Gujarat is planning to host Asia’s first commercial-scale tidal power station. The company Atlantis Resources is to install a 50MW tidal farm in the Gulf of Kutch on India’s west coast, with construction starting early in 2012. The facility could be expanded to deliver more than 200MW. The biggest operating tidal station in the world, La Rance in France, generates 240MW, while South Korea is planning several large facilities. To claim the title … Continue reading India plans Asian tidal power first

‘Wave power backers are buoyant’

Encouraging news from Western Australia: The phrase “wave of the future” has rarely been more apt. A renewable energy project to be launched this year is set to transform WA into the world’s biggest centre for turning waves into electricity. The State is blessed with some of the strongest and most reliable waves in the world and that could turn out to be a boon for renewable energy as well as surfers in the coming decade. Within months, Perth-based company Carnegie Wave Energy will install a network of 30 huge underwater buoys, each 7m across, covering a 200sqm patch of … Continue reading ‘Wave power backers are buoyant’