Independent Australia: Wind taken out of protesters’ sails in Canberra

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Callum Davidson and deputy editor Sandi Keane report from Melbourne and Canberra on a tale of two cities and three rallies — or rather two and a sorry fizzer.

The pro-wind rally organised by Friends of the Earth’s Yes 2 Renewables campaign and GetUp!
Anti Wind Web
The anti-wind rally organised by Andy Gabb and supported by the anonymous blog, Stop These Things.

THE GLOVES CAME OFF today in Melbourne in the phony war waged against wind farms whilst in Canberra, the pro-renewables rally stole the show from the shadowy anti-wind pressure group, Stop These Things.

Morten Albaek, Senior Vice-President, Vestas Wind Systems, chose Australia, the hotbed of anti-wind activity, to launch its fight against the campaign by vested interests and climate skeptics:

“The wind industry is being attacked by media-savvy and politically influential adversaries who often display a brazen disregard for factual information. The “Act on Facts” campaign is our way of fighting back.”

Speaking at the University of Melbourne today, Albaek said the industry has been too conservative:

“Today it’s gloves off. We’re stepping up our game to fight back but with one big difference — it will be fact-based.”

An impressive line-up of speakers including the master debunker of the mythical “Wind Turbine Syndrome”, Professor Simon Chapman, attracted a large crowd of enthusiastic renewables supporters. Chapman’s reading of the public mood that the community is no longer buying the fear campaign was certainly played out in Canberra, as Callum Davidson’s photos show. Continue reading “Independent Australia: Wind taken out of protesters’ sails in Canberra”

Australians Rally 4 Renewables!

Midday today, at Garema Place in Canberra, Friends of the Earth and Get Up! will present a Rally 4 Renewables. People representing the 73 percent of Australians who support the Renewable Energy Target and 76 percent who support more wind energy will call on the Coalition to end the uncertainty surrounding Australia’s Renewable Energy Target.

The positive, family-friendly rally will feature speakers from across the political spectrum, wind farmers, and people with first-hand experience of wind farms. Continue reading “Australians Rally 4 Renewables!”

King Island wind farm proposal: a case study in community engagement

A wind farm proposal for King Island has emerged as a case study in community engagement.

The wind farm proponent, TasWind, are seeking the support of the community from the earliest stages of the project. The public-owned energy company is giving the community the power to decide whether a two-year feasibility study is conducted. TasWind is on the record in the King Island Courier assuring islanders it would only proceed with the wind farm if it is supported by the majority of the community. Put simply, TasWind is allowing the community to determine the fate of the project.


The TasWind approach may eventually be regarded as a best practice model for community engagement. Yet this fact hasn’t stopped King Island from becoming the latest battleground for anti-wind farm campaigners. These interests are seeking to kill the project before a feasibility study is even conducted.  That is, before the community has the facts, figures and evidence it needs to make an informed decision. Continue reading “King Island wind farm proposal: a case study in community engagement”

New research busts myth wind farms decrease property prices

69b83550-dc3a-11e0-98bd-005056b06a0e-4812170New research by the Victorian Greens demolishes claims made by anti-wind farm activists that wind farms result in decreased property value.

Anti-wind activists claim wind farms reduce property values. The research conducted by Victorian Greens leader Greg Barber shows, once again, that the claim is not supported by evidence.

The claim that wind farms reduce property prices is a staple of anti-wind groups campaigning against proposed developments.

The analysis conducted by the office of Greg Barber MLC compares median house-price sales for postcodes with wind farms to the average prices of the local government area. It found no relationship between the presence of wind farms and lower property prices. Continue reading “New research busts myth wind farms decrease property prices”

New Matilda: Waubra Fights The Anti-Wind Bullies

Published by New Matilda. Read the original article

By Sandi Keane.

The town of Waubra has had its name hijacked by anti-wind astroturfers. Locals say they’re happy with wind-farming – and it’s not making them sick. So who are the scare campaigners? Sandi Keane reports

It’s spring in the quiet sheep-farming hamlet of Waubra, an hour’s drive northwest of Ballarat in Victoria. With the shearing done and the crops in, local farmers have turned to a bit of springtime mending. Not fences, but the town’s image. After three years saddled with the negative legacy of the “foundation” that stole their name, local farmer, Karen Molloy, says the community is fighting back with a bumper festival. Continue reading “New Matilda: Waubra Fights The Anti-Wind Bullies”

The Courier: Winds of Change at Waubra

If you’ve been following the development of wind energy in Australia then chances are you’ve heard of Waubra. The small country town in western Victoria is home to one of the largest wind farms in the southern hemisphere and emerged as a key battleground for the anti-wind farm lobby in Victoria. (The anti-wind farm group the Waubra Foundation went so far as to coopt the town’s name for their own narrow interests.)

The following story published by The Courier details how locals are trying to escape the nastiness of anti-wind farm campaigning. Waubra residents will hold a community festival on Saturday October 6 to reemphasise their town’s reputation for strong community and quality produce.

Evan Schurrman reports for the Ballarat Courier: Continue reading “The Courier: Winds of Change at Waubra”

‘Wind turbine syndrome’ due to anxiety, not wind turbines

Dr Sarah Edelman is a clinical psychologist, author and trainer. She worked for many years as a research psychologist and lecturer at the University of Technology Sydney. These days, in addition to her private practice Sarah conducts training programs for psychologists, medical practitioners, industry groups and the general public. She is a frequent guest on 702 ABC radio, and has contributed many articles in professional journals and in the mainstream media. Her book, “Change Your Thinking” (ABC Books) is a best seller in the self-help genre. She wrote the original of this piece as a comment on the recent Four … Continue reading ‘Wind turbine syndrome’ due to anxiety, not wind turbines

‘No ill-health from turbines’

An interesting profile on Doug and Barry Hobson from this week’s edition of the Weekly Times. DOUG Hobson and his brother, Barry, have lived and worked near the Waubra wind farm for the past few years. They say they have not suffered any adverse health effects. The siblings have eight turbines on their two properties and say they do not interfere with their prime lamb, stud sheep, canola, wheat, barley, oats, beef, lucerne or pyrethrum production. “They don’t impact on us at all,” Doug Hobson said. “The stock use the shade of the turbines on a hot day.” Mr Hobson … Continue reading ‘No ill-health from turbines’

What kills more birds – Waubra wind farm or two feral cats?

I’m a keen bird watcher and so am interested in the impact of wind farms on bird life. I asked Acciona for statistics on the number of bird fatalities at Waubra and got the following response: ACCIONA implements a comprehensive bird monitoring program at the Waubra Wind Farm in accordance with Avifauna Management Plan which was approved by the Minister for Planning in October 2006. This Plan was supported by extensive bird surveys of the site prior to commissioning of the wind farm. The first year of bird mortality searches at the Waubra Wind Farm were completed in 2010. Dead … Continue reading What kills more birds – Waubra wind farm or two feral cats?

Waubra Wind Farm Community Festival on this weekend

This information comes fromVisit Victoria. Sunday 3 Apr 2011 Venue Waubra Community Hub Address 2091 Sunraysia Hwy Waubra VIC 3352 Phone: 03 5343 2277 /  0438030618 Email: Waubra Wind Farm Community Festival is a great family day. The festival has stalls with local fresh produce, barbecues and many food stalls. Displays including hand shearing, boot scooting and the vintage and small engine club. The Waubra Horticultural society will have on display the annual autumn show. Free tours of the wind farm. Their is a photo competition, The bowling club is offering bare foot bowls for you to try. Little … Continue reading Waubra Wind Farm Community Festival on this weekend