Coalition wind farm policy starts to bite

The Age newspaper recently reported that the Baillieu government has conceded that “its controversial wind farm policy is powerless to control the biggest expansion of wind energy in Victoria’s history, with 1322 new turbines planned across 28 approved developments”. That is, that it can not stop proposals that were approved by the ALP government prior to November 2010, but not yet built. However, in terms of future proposals, it is becoming evident that they intend to proceed with imposing the wind plan they announced back in May. The following report about the creation of ‘no go’ areas comes from the … Continue reading Coalition wind farm policy starts to bite

wind farms and bird kill

One of the enduring myths often raised by anti wind farm campaigners is that wind farms will cause massive death rates of birds. For instance at the wind farm ‘information’ session held in late November in Sunbury it was said that the possible wind farm near Gisborne South would probably take out the Wedgetail Eagles that frequent the area. A number of people we have spoken with in the course of our travels around Victoria who don’t like wind farms (but who aren’t outright climate deniers or sceptics) have relied on the ‘bird kill’ argument. And many of these people … Continue reading wind farms and bird kill

‘Wind farm protest powers up’

The following is a news article from the Macedon Ranges Weekly on the recent ‘information’ session on wind farming near Sunbury. The FoE report on the meeting can be found here. ANTI-WIND farm campaigners joined about 80 Gisborne and Sunbury residents at a community meeting last week opposing a turbine project at Gisborne South. Gisborne company West Wind has built a 10-metre tower on a private property at 250 Dalrymple Road in Gisborne South to gather information about wind speed and strength. It’s considering developing a six-tower wind farm on the land, which overlooks picturesque Red Rock. A group called … Continue reading ‘Wind farm protest powers up’