Clean Energy Created Nearly 80,000 Green Jobs In America During 2013

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Article by Silvio Marcacci. Originally published in Clean Technica.

America’s clean energy economy created nearly 80,000 green jobs in 2013, benefitting virtually every state across the country even as looming market and policy uncertainty threaten to shrink green growth.

Solar, energy efficiency, and public transportation created the highest number of green jobs in America last year, according to the second annual Clean Energy Works For Us report from Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2). Continue reading “Clean Energy Created Nearly 80,000 Green Jobs In America During 2013”

RET Watch: Review stalls projects worth $1b

082495-tony-abbottThe Abbott government’s RET Review is stalling $1 billion worth of investment and preventing new jobs from coming online.

“Close to $1 billion of renewable energy projects have been put on ice pending the outcome of the government’s Renewable Energy Target review,”  reports the Australian Financial Review, “as uncertainties over whether the ­target will be abolished stalk the ­industry and investors.”

Australia’s renewable energy sector is in a holding position while it waits for the recommendations of the RET Review panel and the Abbott government’s response.

The worst-case scenario is a scrapping or cutting the renewables target. According to research by energy market analyst Intelligent Energy Systems Advisory, scrapping the Renewable Energy Target would kill off $10 billion of investment in the energy sector. This outcome would cost over 4,000 jobs.

The uncertainty surrounding the Renewable Energy Target has stalled wind energy projects. As the most competitive renewable energy generation, the RET is a key driver for the rollout of wind farms.  Continue reading “RET Watch: Review stalls projects worth $1b”

Australia’s 5 million “solar heroes”


The original article was published by Reneweconomy on 10th March 2014 and written by .

The 5 million people with Solar PV and/or Solar hot water systems are helping lower the cost of electricity, and create jobs, according to this graphic released by Australian Solar Council. Continue reading “Australia’s 5 million “solar heroes””

RET Watch: Cut to target puts $10b investment, jobs at risk

LU280largeNew research by a reputable energy market analyst finds scrapping the Renewable Energy Target would kill off $10 billion of investment in the energy sector. 

Intelligent Energy Systems Advisory revealed that changes to the national renewables target would result in more coal and gas generation, rendering it impossible to meet carbon reduction targets.

Continue reading “RET Watch: Cut to target puts $10b investment, jobs at risk”

RET Watch: Mt Mercer a RET success but future developments suffer

Meridian Energy Australia’s previously delayed Mount Mercer Wind Farm in Victoria nears completion as the forthcoming Renewable Energy Target (RET) review cools industry confidence.

ECO_Windfarm-600x064 wind turbines with a collective capacity of 131 megawatts will be added to the National Electricity Market by midyear thanks to Meridian’s $260 million dollar investment outside of Elaine, Victoria.

The project will result in carbon dioxide emissions reductions of more than 400,000 tonnes per annum, and once complete, according to The Courier, “will generate enough renewable energy to power almost 100,000 homes – or the whole of Ballarat”.

Thus far the development has created more than 250 temporary jobs since construction began in 2012, and will produce a further 20 permanent maintenance positions for the life of the farm. But whether or not such benefits will be able to spread elsewhere relies for now on the outcome of July’s 2014 RET review and any doubts it might seed. Continue reading “RET Watch: Mt Mercer a RET success but future developments suffer”

How to save business billions, without cutting renewable jobs

A mini power plant in a North Sydney basement. Trigeneration plants like these generate electricity, heating and cooling far more efficiently than with mains power. AAP/Short Communications, Girrit Fokkema

Originally posted on The Conversation. View original post here

The debate about the future of Australia’s Renewable Energy Target (RET) has largely focused on the issue of immediate costs to business. But if we’re thinking about Australia’s long-term economic interests, there are a number of reasons why leaving the target as it is makes good business sense.

Instead of trying to reduce power bills by undercutting investment and jobs in one growing industry, there are other ways for big and small businesses to cut their power bills – starting with the cost savings available from using energy more efficiently.

Continue reading “How to save business billions, without cutting renewable jobs”

China roars ahead with renewables

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Despite being the world’s biggest greenhouse gas emitter, China is increasing its renewable sources of energy. AAP/HOW HWEE YOUNG

China’s National Energy Administration (NEA) has just released some remarkable data on the addition of new electric generating capacity in 2013. China’s electric power system has been growing at a tremendous rate to keep up with the country’s breakneck expansion of its manufacturing industry over the past decade. Continue reading “China roars ahead with renewables”

Wind farm for pulp mill site a strong concept

air5Friends of the Earth Australia welcome the concept of a wind farm at the Tamar Valley pulp mill site. 

A wind farm at the proposed pulp mill site is a strong concept that would create jobs and attract investment to northern Tasmania.

If the wind farm comes to fruition it would be a leading example for how communities can transition from the old 20th Century industry to the high-tech 21st Century economy.

A wind farm at the site of a failed pulp mill could attract high-value Information and Communications Technology firms and investment to the region.  

As we’ve discussed previously on ABC Radio, forward-looking companies such as Google, Apple and Facebook are are aiming for 100 percent renewable energy. They’re locating data centres that store the information we access online (such as YouTube videos) near renewable energy generators. Continue reading “Wind farm for pulp mill site a strong concept”

Turbine tourism: Bus tours of a wind-energy park are a big hit

Published by Grist. View original article. Michigan now has nearly 900 wind turbines, and that lit a lightbulb in the entrepreneurial mind of retired teacher Gene Jorissen. Last summer, he started leading hour-long bus tours of the turbine-dotted Lakes Winds … Continue reading Turbine tourism: Bus tours of a wind-energy park are a big hit

Goulburn Chamber of Commerce told of wind farm benefits for farmers and community

 What do renewables mean for the land owner and the community?

r251433_1034004My family owns a farm of about 1,800 acres just north of Pejar Dam on the Crookwell Road.

We have been receiving rental payments for my windfarm (which is yet to be built) for more than two years now. I want to simply spell out to you the impact of this for me and for our local community and its economy. Continue reading “Goulburn Chamber of Commerce told of wind farm benefits for farmers and community”