NSW moves on big solar while Victoria lags behind

The following post is by Yes 2 Renewables volunteer, Jasmine Coghetto:

The NSW Government has approved a pioneering solar power station in Broken Hill and will invest $64.9 million in the project. Victoria’s northern neighbour is leaving the state in the dust as it moves ahead with big solar projects.


The 50-megawatt Broken Hill solar project will install 650,000 photovoltaic modules five kilometres from the remote regional town. It will generate 125,000 MWh of electricity every year, meeting the needs of around 17,000 NSW households. Over 110,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions will be avoided each year—the equivalent of removing 31,000 cars from the road.

Clean, zero-carbon electricity isn’t the only benefit of the Broken Hill plant.  The project will make a significant contribution to regional job creation and economic development. Up to 150 direct, local construction jobs will be generated during the 17-month construction period.

In contrast to its neighbour, Victoria is lagging behind when it comes to big solar projects. Even though there has been some progress toward renewables, this achievement cannot be compared to the step taken by NSW. Continue reading “NSW moves on big solar while Victoria lags behind”

Invest in renewable energy, not coal

This appeared in the Sunraysia Daily, 13 Feb 2012 THE government of Ted Baillieu has recently re-stated its intention to put $50 million of public funds into a dirty coal-fired power station in the Latrobe Valley. However, previously, the Premier has said that he will match the funding commitment of $100 million to the Mallee solar power station made by the ALP when it was in power. So far, almost every single action by the Baillieu government on the environment has taken us backwards: our 20 per cent emissions reduction target is now ‘aspirational’, the government has enacted regressive planning … Continue reading Invest in renewable energy, not coal

state government urged to hold funding for Mallee solar park

The following news item comes from the ABC. Funds pledge urged for second-round solar bid The Victorian Government is being urged to hold over millions of dollars in funding for the proposed Mallee solar park near Mildura. The developer, TRUenergy, was promised $100 million from the Victorian Government but it was contingent on the project getting Commonwealth funding. The Federal Government has announced a project at Moree as the successful bidder under its Solar Flagships program. The Opposition’s energy spokeswoman, Lily D’Ambrosio, says the Victorian Government is not guaranteeing the funds for a second-round Solar Flagships bid by TRUenergy. “This … Continue reading state government urged to hold funding for Mallee solar park

Ouyen to launch major community solar project

The following comes from the ABC. Ouyen sheds light on solar project The Victorian Mallee town of Ouyen will launch its major community solar project at the town’s recreation reserve this weekend. A community plan three years ago aimed to improve Ouyen’s sustainability as a community and identified water harvesting and water saving projects, as well as the development of a solar hub at Blackburn Park. The $50,000 photovoltaic system is now finished and Ouyen Inc’s Mark Wilson says it is generating the equivalent of about two-thirds of the power used at the complex. “It’s always going to be a … Continue reading Ouyen to launch major community solar project