Who’s happy to see Lal Lal Wind Farm kick off?

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PicIt’s a favorite line of people opposing particular wind farm developments – ‘Wind Farm X is causing great concern in the community’.

Now and again, it’s worth remembering just how many people there are in the community who are not at all concerned.

Our letter in today’s Ballarat Courier…


Ballarat Courier, May 1, 2013

It would be unusual for a $300 million investment in a regional area to be greeted with ‘a lot of community concern’, as John McMahon suggests about the Lal Lal Wind Farm ($300m wind project begins, 27/4/2013).

A good portion of the $300 million will be spent locally. Long after construction has ended Moorabool Shire residents will enjoy the project’s substantial contribution to rates revenue and around a dozen permanent jobs. Continue reading “Who’s happy to see Lal Lal Wind Farm kick off?”

Buninyong wind farms forum

Last night the Democratic Labor Party Senator, John Madigan, convened a forum on wind farms in the town of Buninyong, just outside Ballarat. About 120 people attended. The meeting was called, ostensibly, to gather responses to the recommendations of last year’s Senate Inquiry into the Social and Economic Impact of Rural Wind Farms. Madigan promised to represent the views expressed in parliament, and to push for the recommendations of the Inquiry (see below) to be finally implemented. As it turned out, no-one present disagreed with the recommendations of the inquiry – not the woman from WestWind who attended, not us, … Continue reading Buninyong wind farms forum

Greens MP: 2km buffer for turbines ‘silly and arbitrary’

From the Melton Weekly, by Neelima Choahan, 05 Apr, 2011 Turbine buffer limit ‘silly, arbitrary’ A TWO-kilometre buffer zone for wind farms will not protect houses from excessive noise, according to Victorian Greens MP Greg Barber. Speaking to the Weekly, the upper house MP said the figure identified by the state government as part of changes announced last month was a “silly, arbitrary number”. “I could be upwind behind a hill with a six-lane freeway between me and the wind farm and still be two kilometres away,” he said. Mr Barber’s comments come in the wake of a Senate inquiry … Continue reading Greens MP: 2km buffer for turbines ‘silly and arbitrary’

Moorabool and Yaloak South wind farms approved

Monday, 01 November 2010: the Moorabool and Yaloak South wind energy facilities, which are planned for locations south of Ballan gained planning approvals today. The $750 million Moorabool Wind Farm will comprise 107 wind turbines and have the capacity to produce up to 321 megawatts of energy, enough to power more than 125,000 homes. The $130 million Yaloak South Wind Farm comprises 14 wind turbines and has a total capacity of 29 megawatts, enough energy to power 11,400 homes. According to the Energy Minister Peter Batchelor, “These wind farm projects will together provide an $880 million boost to Victoria’s regional … Continue reading Moorabool and Yaloak South wind farms approved