Pollie Watch: Where do Coalition MPs stand on wind farms?

windpowerssCrikey has conducted a survey of sitting Coalition MPs on the issue of wind energy. The news service has found just one pro-wind energy MP in the government’s ranks, Leichhardt’s Warren Entsch. Reporter Andrew Crook notes: “It seems like Entsch is to wind as Julie Bishop is to women among senior Coalition ranks.”

So what else did Crikey find? There are a few Coalition MPs ‘on the fence’, some who ‘show promise’, and several retired pro-wind energy Liberals:  Continue reading “Pollie Watch: Where do Coalition MPs stand on wind farms?”

Good news for wind energy!

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Today is a good news day for wind energy in Victoria. The Clean Energy Finance Corporation announced it will provide a $70 million loan to Pacific Hydro to complete the final stage of the Portland Wind Energy Project.

Reporting for the Sydney Morning Herald, Peter Hannam writes:

The $10 billion green investment bank, set to be scrapped by the incoming Coalition government, has issued a loan to Pacific Hydro to build the final stage of its Portland wind farm in what is likely to be among the bank’s final deals.

The project will create hundreds of jobs, increase market competition and provide enough clean energy to power 31,000 homes, according to Pacific Hydro.

The CEFC’s backing of the final stage of the Portland wind energy project is a welcome boost for Victoria’s wind energy sector. It will create jobs in the South West while cleaning up the state’s polluting energy sector. The ambitious Portland Wind Energy Project was approved by the Bracks Labor government and has been over a decade in the making.

Good news stories in the wind energy sector are few and far between since the Baillieu government introduced the world’s most restrictive anti-wind farm laws, which have cost the state jobs, investment, income for farmers and clean energy.  Continue reading “Good news for wind energy!”

Anti-wind laws keep unsustainable coal power online

FB Y2R GraphicVictoria’s brown coal sector is in a state of crisis.

The Latrobe Valley Express newspaper revealed that the river diversion at the Yallourn coal mine has once again failed, spilling millions of litres of fresh river water into the open pit.

“River water is cascading into Yallourn open cut once again,” writes The Latrobe Valley Express, “pushing a coal supply conveyor to the brink of inoperability.”

“Hundreds of millions of litres of water have been flooding into Yallourn’s East Field mine every day since late last week, after ongoing localised rainfall pushed the mine’s water management plan to its limits.”

“As of Friday, the East Field mine contained a gigalitre of water, and was taking on 300 megalitres every day, an intake rate which was expected to increase over the weekend.”

Coal is an unsustainable energy source.

Wind farms can end Victoria’s reliance polluting and unsustainable fossil fuels, yet anti-wind farm laws introduced by Ted Baillieu and endorsed by Premier Napthine stand in the way.  Continue reading “Anti-wind laws keep unsustainable coal power online”

Community power given a boost by Australian Greens $100 million community renewable energy policy

Fund Community Energy - Greens policy launchYes 2 Renewables are a proud member of the Fund Community Energy campaign. The collaboration between the Community Power Agency, 40 community-owned renewable energy (CORE) groups from around Australia, and Yes 2 Renewables, has put the issue on the election agenda for the first time.

While the Greens have taken policy leadership by calling for a 100m community energy fund, yet it remains to be seen whether the Labor party and Coalition will support the burgeoning CORE sector.

Manny Pasqualini of Community Power Report was at the Melbourne policy launch. He writes: Continue reading “Community power given a boost by Australian Greens $100 million community renewable energy policy”

Successful BEAM, Y2R partnership in Central Victoria

On August 17, Leigh Ewbank of Yes 2 Renewables was a proud guest presenter at the BEAM-Mitchell Environment Group‘s annual general meeting. The event featured presentations on local food and biodiversity links within the shire, and was attended by three local councillors keen to find out more about the group.

Yes 2 Renewables joined dedicated BEAM members organising distribution of a wind energy fact sheet.

Late last year, Yes 2 Renewables and the BEAM-Mitchell Environment Group partnered up to fight back against an anti-wind farm scare campaign. Out-going vice president of BEAM, Peter Lockyer, had the following to say about the partnership: Continue reading “Successful BEAM, Y2R partnership in Central Victoria”

Mitchell Shire’s opposition to wind farm a waste of ratepayers’ money

The following letter, coauthored by BEAM-Mitchell Environment Group vice president Peter Lockyer and Yes 2 Renewables‘ Leigh Ewbank, is featured in the Seymour Telegraph: Anti-wind farm campaigners congratulate Mitchell Shire Councillors for blocking the Cherry Tree Range wind farm proposal, … Continue reading Mitchell Shire’s opposition to wind farm a waste of ratepayers’ money

Independent Australia: Wind taken out of protesters’ sails in Canberra

Published by Independent Australia. View the original article

Callum Davidson and deputy editor Sandi Keane report from Melbourne and Canberra on a tale of two cities and three rallies — or rather two and a sorry fizzer.

The pro-wind rally organised by Friends of the Earth’s Yes 2 Renewables campaign and GetUp!
Anti Wind Web
The anti-wind rally organised by Andy Gabb and supported by the anonymous blog, Stop These Things.

THE GLOVES CAME OFF today in Melbourne in the phony war waged against wind farms whilst in Canberra, the pro-renewables rally stole the show from the shadowy anti-wind pressure group, Stop These Things.

Morten Albaek, Senior Vice-President, Vestas Wind Systems, chose Australia, the hotbed of anti-wind activity, to launch its fight against the campaign by vested interests and climate skeptics:

“The wind industry is being attacked by media-savvy and politically influential adversaries who often display a brazen disregard for factual information. The “Act on Facts” campaign is our way of fighting back.”

Speaking at the University of Melbourne today, Albaek said the industry has been too conservative:

“Today it’s gloves off. We’re stepping up our game to fight back but with one big difference — it will be fact-based.”

An impressive line-up of speakers including the master debunker of the mythical “Wind Turbine Syndrome”, Professor Simon Chapman, attracted a large crowd of enthusiastic renewables supporters. Chapman’s reading of the public mood that the community is no longer buying the fear campaign was certainly played out in Canberra, as Callum Davidson’s photos show. Continue reading “Independent Australia: Wind taken out of protesters’ sails in Canberra”

Australians Rally 4 Renewables!

Midday today, at Garema Place in Canberra, Friends of the Earth and Get Up! will present a Rally 4 Renewables. People representing the 73 percent of Australians who support the Renewable Energy Target and 76 percent who support more wind energy will call on the Coalition to end the uncertainty surrounding Australia’s Renewable Energy Target.

The positive, family-friendly rally will feature speakers from across the political spectrum, wind farmers, and people with first-hand experience of wind farms. Continue reading “Australians Rally 4 Renewables!”

Stand up Australia… It’s time to Rally 4 Renewables!

hepburn_wind_farm_openingOn Tuesday June 18, Coalition MPs will take the stage outside Parliament House with radio personality Alan Jones to demand a halt to wind power development and to advocate for the scrapping of Australia’s Renewable Energy Target.

Never before in Australia have we had organised opposition to renewable energy. That means it’s no longer enough to just support renewable energy. We need to demonstrate it. On Tuesday we can counter fear-mongering with hope, look to the future, not the past and show the way to a clean energy future.

Join us in Canberra on Tuesday and show your support for renewable energy.

What: Rally for Renewables
Where: Garema Place, Canberra.
When: 12 noon, Tuesday 18 June.
RSVP: www.getup.org.au/rally4renewables  Continue reading “Stand up Australia… It’s time to Rally 4 Renewables!”

Community solar may be next big thing in Australian renewables

Published by Renew Economy. View the original article here.


The momentum for a big push into community solar projects appears to be gathering pace, with several different organisations planning public launches in the next month, and suggestions that several dozen projects could be built on NSW rooftops in coming years. Continue reading “Community solar may be next big thing in Australian renewables”