State inquiry into solar feed-in tariffs: have your say!

The state government is running an inquiry into solar feed-in tariffs. According to the DPI website, “The inquiry will assess existing feed-in tariff arrangements, and will assist in determining what fair and cost-effective mechanisms can encourage the community to generate renewable energy in the future.” The inquiry is being run by the Victorian Competition & Efficiency Commission (VCEC). The VCEC website states: The terms of reference ask the Commission to assess the design, efficiency and effectiveness of feed-in tariffs, recommend whether existing feed-in tariffs should be continued, phased-out or amended and identify barriers to the development of a network of … Continue reading State inquiry into solar feed-in tariffs: have your say!

Canada: wind farm construction booming

The following news story is from Reuters. Compare Canadian government policy to Australia – despite the impressive expansion of the wind industry there, uncertainty has been introduced by the Conservatives election promises.  A situation that renewable energy supporters in Australia would be all too familiar with, especially here in Victoria. (Reuters) – Even though Canada will likely set a record for new wind energy capacity this year, the rapid growth could dry up without stable policies to encourage its expansion, an industry association said Monday. About 1,338 MW of new installed wind energy capacity is projected to come online this … Continue reading Canada: wind farm construction booming

Christine Milne on the anti-renewable energy push

The first quote below, inluding comments by Christine Milne, is excerpted from an article by Giles Parkinson in the Climate Spectator. Below that are some more of Milne’s comments, quoted in the Sydney Morning Herald. The Greens are also concerned. Not so much about the passage of the initial legislation, because there is little they can do to alter the course of events, apart from playing their role. What was troubling Greens Senator Christine Milne on Tuesday was the fate of the so-called complementary measures, in particular the crowning achievement of the multi-party committee negotiations, the Clean Energy Finance Corporation. … Continue reading Christine Milne on the anti-renewable energy push

Victorian Feed-in Tariff slashed

The following has just been published by the Age. For background, check the ATA’s recent article and the comments from Greg Combet just recently. Environment Victoria have pointed out that this was not part of the Coalition’s election policy, as they “made a clear commitment to conduct a Victorian Competition and Efficiency Commission (VCEC) review to look at strengthening feed-in tariffs. Nowhere did their energy policy mention cutting the tariff.” Solar power subsidy slashed By Adam Morton, The Age, September 1, 2011  The Victorian government will cut the subsidy paid to households for electricity fed into the grid from rooftop … Continue reading Victorian Feed-in Tariff slashed

Combet questions state feed-in tarriffs

The Productivity Commission released a report on June 9 that recommended ending subsidies to renewable energy. The report states that “if subsidised renewable electricity sourced from wind or solar displaces gas-fired electricity, the abatement achieved will be far less than if coal-fired electricity generation were displaced.” The report supports the push into gas, assuming that renewables will displace gas – the next most expensive energy source – not coal; whereas gas built now will displace coal, and thus will mitigate more CO2 per dollar spent than building renewables. Now Greg Combet has signaled he may pressure states to abandon remaining measures … Continue reading Combet questions state feed-in tarriffs

Don’t Cut the Victorian Solar Feed-in Tariff: ATA

The Alternative Technology Association is calling on the Victorian Government Coalition to honour its 2010 election commitment and hold off on making major changes to the Victorian feed-in tariff for rooftop solar systems before an independent review is held. The ATA understands the Victorian Government is on the verge of making an announcement to slash the feed-in tariff, which has supported the boom in solar power systems across the state. Scrapping the state’s premium feed-in tariff would mean a household with an average 1.5-kilowatt solar system would take up to 20 years to payback its cost in reduced bills. Currently, … Continue reading Don’t Cut the Victorian Solar Feed-in Tariff: ATA

Drew Hutton: ‘Price on pollution’ not enough

Here is the first of a few responses to the carbon price we will print. This is from Friends of the Earth. A ‘price on pollution’ is not enough for action on climate change One of Australia’s leading environmental organisations has called for the federal government to go further than arguing merely for a carbon price. Friends of the Earth is calling for a range of measures that would significantly increase the development of renewable energy. Drew Hutton, spokesperson for Friends of the Earth in Queensland and acting president of the national Lock the Gate Alliance, said that, on its … Continue reading Drew Hutton: ‘Price on pollution’ not enough

Ontario says green plan spurs $20 billion in investment

This article comes from Reuters. Journalists: Claire Sibonney and Nicole Mordant. A significant quote from the story: “The green energy program had created 13,000 jobs by the end of last year and is “very much on target” to reach the 50,000 mark by the end of 2012.” Ontario says green plan spurs $20 billion in investment The Canadian province of Ontario says its program of providing incentives for green energy production has brought in commitments for C$20 billion ($21 billion) in private-sector investment since the program was put in place in 2009. Ontario’s energy ministry released a report outlining the … Continue reading Ontario says green plan spurs $20 billion in investment