SNAP RALLY: Community members convene outside COAG to show Ministers their support for renewables

Yes 2 Renewables called a snap rally to defend renewables outside COAG so ministers could see the community are ready for renewable energy jobs, community power and practical action on climate change. Continue reading SNAP RALLY: Community members convene outside COAG to show Ministers their support for renewables

AHV solar hot water install

Crowdfunding solar hot water for Aboriginal Housing Victoria

Families struggling on low incomes and the environment are beginning to benefit from an innovative crowdfunding campaign to install solar hot systems in housing supported by organisations such as the Father Bob Maguire Foundation, Aboriginal Housing Victoria and Common Equity … Continue reading Crowdfunding solar hot water for Aboriginal Housing Victoria

Life After Coal: US Economist Speaks

Bob Massie is the outgoing President and CEO of the New Economy Coalition, whose mission is to support a just transition to a new economy that enables both thriving communities and ecological health. He has degrees from Princeton and Yale … Continue reading Life After Coal: US Economist Speaks

Victoria need ideas not ideology

Victoria was poised to become a global hub for clean technology with key policies in place to drive emissions reductions and attract investment in a green industrial revolution. Yet the change of government in November 2010, writes Peter Hansford, resulted in an abandonment of key climate change policies and the vision of Victoria becoming a global leader in cleantech. Victoria’s ability lead is not lost. It can be reclaimed but only if politicians are open to ideas not ideology.

First_Solar_Ohio_manufacturing_plant_Image_First_SolarIn 2010, the Victorian government released a climate change white paper which included a cleantech industry development strategy which sought to position Victoria as a top five global leader in clean, innovative technologies and climate solutions.

At the time Victoria’s cleantech sector was rapidly emerging with a number of leading firms supplying domestic and international markets.  One analysis of the cleantech sector identified that there were 1,273 firms employing 23,200 people in Victoria.

As the author of the strategy I was confident that the prospect of increasing jobs, exports and investments would excite the government to invest a small amount of money to accelerate the job creation opportunities presented.

The background work conducted identified a suite of potential action areas: Energy (particularly renewables, CCS and smart grids); Urban Planning, Design and Construction; Water; Food and Farming; Materials (including efficient materials management), Advanced Manufacturing; e-Vehicles; use of ICT and Fast Broadband; and a range of Services Industries including carbon market services, and international education. Continue reading “Victoria need ideas not ideology”

Green jobs push in the Latrobe Valley

p8120518It goes without saying that Australia’s transition from polluting fossil fuels to clean, renewable energy sources will reshape the economy. Local towns on the frontline of  fossil fuel extraction and power generation will undergo dramatic changes. In Victoria, towns in Latrobe Valley are starting to adapt to a future without the coal industry.

While some will see the demise of coal as a problem, others see it as an opportunity. As Winston Churchill wisely noted, “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”

The Earthworker cooperative is a perfect example of Churchill’s thinking in action. The coalition of unions, environment groups and church groups intends to build a solar hot water manufacturing plant in the Latrobe Valley. The coop seeks to create an economic opportunity for the region as it winds down the coal sector.  Continue reading “Green jobs push in the Latrobe Valley”

Renewables jobs for the Latrobe Valley

The following article from the Latrobe Valley Express reports on the Morwell launch of Earthworker’s 100,000 Australians campaign. Hot water to boost jobs BY JARROD WHITTAKER 01 Aug, 2011 LATROBE Valley residents will have an opportunity to purchase a stake in their future following the launch of an innovative campaign to establish a solar hot water factory in Morwell.The Earthworker Cooperative plans to establish the solar hot water factory in Morwell and last week launched its 100,000 Australians Campaign aimed at gaining financial backing for the project. The campaign, which was launched in Morwell last week, seeks to find 100,000 … Continue reading Renewables jobs for the Latrobe Valley

Manufacturing co-op to “work our way out of the climate emergency”

August 11: Over a hundred community supporters, environmentalists and trade unionists assembled on the steps of Trades Hall in Melbourne to launch the 100,ooo Australians campaign. A project of the Earthworker co-operative, the campaign is seeking to build a cooperatively owned solar hot water system factory in Morwell. The project is hoping for 100,000 Australians to join the Earthworker Cooperative at $20 per member to raise the $2 million needed for the “Eureka’s Future” factory machinery, fit-out and finish in Morwell. The factory is to produce the Everlast tank, solar collectors and associated components, a unit which Earthworker explains is … Continue reading Manufacturing co-op to “work our way out of the climate emergency”