New research busts myth wind farms decrease property prices

69b83550-dc3a-11e0-98bd-005056b06a0e-4812170New research by the Victorian Greens demolishes claims made by anti-wind farm activists that wind farms result in decreased property value.

Anti-wind activists claim wind farms reduce property values. The research conducted by Victorian Greens leader Greg Barber shows, once again, that the claim is not supported by evidence.

The claim that wind farms reduce property prices is a staple of anti-wind groups campaigning against proposed developments.

The analysis conducted by the office of Greg Barber MLC compares median house-price sales for postcodes with wind farms to the average prices of the local government area. It found no relationship between the presence of wind farms and lower property prices. Continue reading “New research busts myth wind farms decrease property prices”

Campaign Diary 2012: Southwest Victoria Trip, Day 1

In September, the Yes 2 Renewables campaign joined forces with Beyond Zero Emissions to tour southwest Victoria.

Situated on the coast, the area surrounding Warrnambool, Port Fairy, and Portland bares the full brunt of burly sea winds to hit the continent from the southern ocean. It’s no surprise that dozens of vessels shipwrecked on the southwest coast—due in no small part to the wind. Even when travelling in the modern-day convenience of a car, one could feel wind gusts push the car around the tarmac—the strength of the wind seemingly intensifying with each kilometre travelled.

With its vast wind resource, southwest Victoria is among Australia’s most important renewable energy regions. While this honour comes with several operational wind farms and manufacturing base, as we found out, it also means the area has been among the first to feel the impacts of changed wind farm planning laws implemented by the Baillieu government just over a year ago. The Portland-based engineering firm, Keppel Prince, has seen demand for its services drop off with the collapse of the project pipeline for wind farms.

The purpose of our trip was simple: Yes 2 Renewables wanted to gain a local perspective on wind farms, and update the community up about the Baillieu government’s renewable energy policies—particularly the impact anti-wind energy planning guidelines.

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No windfarm health worries at Yambuk

So as a coincidental follow-on from yesterday’s news (Wind turbines not a health problem, say Germans and Danes), the Warrnambool Standard has an article today about the neighbours of the Codrington wind farm, the oldest in the state, built in 2001. Here’s how the article starts: Yambuk couple happy living with wind farms ALEX SINNOTT, 05 Apr, 2012 RESIDENTS situated near wind turbines along the south-west coast near Yambuk have dispelled concerns that the renewable energy generators cause health problems. Pacific Hydro linked up the Codrington wind farm to the power grid in 2001, the first of its kind in … Continue reading No windfarm health worries at Yambuk

state wind laws ‘forces interstate move’ for Pac Hydro

This article apperared in the Moyne Gazette on Moyne Gazette 17 Nov 2011. Journalist is EVERARD HIMMELREICH Pacific Hydro’s investment end State law forces interstate move LEADING Australian renewable energy company Pacific Hydro is unlikely to invest further in the south-west despite the recent passing ofthe Clean Energy Future Package through the Senate. Pacific Hydro Australia general manager Lane Crockett said Victorian legislation that imposed restrictions on the development of wind farms within two kilometres of a dwelling made it unlikely the company would develop any further wind farms in Victoria. Pacific Hydro has wind farms at Codrington and Yambuk … Continue reading state wind laws ‘forces interstate move’ for Pac Hydro

‘Yambuk wind turbines given healthy tick of approval’

This article comes from the Warrnambool Standard, journalist is SHANE FOWLES. AN independent study into wind farms which measured Yambuk residents’ health has found there is no link between exposure to turbines and health problems. University of Adelaide professor Gary Wittert used data from the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme to compare medical prescriptions of people living in areas with and without turbines. His study involved 12,000 people living within a 10-kilometre radius around wind farms in Yambuk, Waubra and two sites in South Australia. “I can tell you from a preliminary look — and we will send this to peer review … Continue reading ‘Yambuk wind turbines given healthy tick of approval’