Pollie Watch: Victorian Labor Sheds Light on Wind Energy Position

The community-owned Hepburn wind project, winner of the World Wind Energy Award 2012.

The Victorian Labor party has shed light on its position on wind energy as the full impact of the Baillieu government’s anti-windfarm laws become clear. While the Opposition didn’t go as far as pledging to repeal the VC82 planning amendments, the Labor party’s comments reflect a clear point of difference from the Baillieu government.

Neelima Choahan of the Ballarat Courier reports (‘Labor Backs Wind Energy,’ July 27): Continue reading “Pollie Watch: Victorian Labor Sheds Light on Wind Energy Position”

Communities want wind energy

This week Victorians will be able to attend public meetings on wind farms organised by Senators Madigan and Xenophon. Madigan is known to be anti-windfarms, while Xenophon appears to be a recent convert to the anti-windfarm campaign. Later this week is world wind energy day, on the 15th. Let’s remember that despite a vocal and well-connected opposition, wind energy is actually very popular with Australian communities, as the article below from Energy Matters explains. Wind Farm Perceptions In Victoria, NSW and South Australia From Energy Matters While community opposition to wind farms may appear to have received the lion’s share … Continue reading Communities want wind energy

Renewables target: insurance against rising prices

What use is the Renewable Energy Target if we have the carbon price in place? Kane Thornton of the Clean Energy Council has written this piece defending the RET, published in the National Times. Let’s keep our power pants on Kane Thornton, April 20, 2012 Suggesting we don’t need a Renewable Energy Target because we have a carbon price is like suggesting you don’t need pants because you have a jacket. Sure there’s a little overlap, but heading boldly into the world without your pants isn’t going to earn you any respect – particularly when just about everyone else is … Continue reading Renewables target: insurance against rising prices

Simon Holmes a Court launches Hepburn Community Wind Farm

Australian renewables came near 10% in 2011

“In the year to October 2011, just under 10 per cent of Australia’s electricity came from renewable energy. This represents a large rise on previous years due to a resurgent hydro sector and more power generated by the country’s wind … Continue reading Australian renewables came near 10% in 2011

‘Policy an ill wind that blows nobody any good’

This article, by Paddy Manning, appeared in The Age and Sydney Morning Herald on November 5, 2011. Ted Baillieu’s draconian anti-wind laws render many promising energy projects impossible. TODAY more than 500 people are expected in Daylesford to celebrate the launch of Hepburn Wind, a community-owned wind farm generating more than enough power for the 2000 local homes. The twin turbines were commissioned a few months ago and the launch is the culmination of six years’ effort and a $13.5 million investment. No matter how sunny the weather, a cloud will hang over the launch: Premier Ted Baillieu’s draconian anti-wind … Continue reading ‘Policy an ill wind that blows nobody any good’

What is the real cost of Ted Baillieu’s wind energy policy?

In late August, the Baillieu government implemented new planning rules which  place large sections of Victoria off-limits to wind farm developments through the creation of No Go zones, and set in place a 2 kilometre ‘right of veto’, whereby a single household can block any turbines within 2 kilometres of their home. Planning Minister Matthew Guy said he did not believe the two kilometre set-back policy would stop developers investing in wind energy Victoria. Premier Ted Baillieu has also rejected suggestions the changes would harm the wind farm industry. However, the facts of the matter suggest otherwise. Already we have … Continue reading What is the real cost of Ted Baillieu’s wind energy policy?

‘Wind’s $10 million local injection’

The following comes from the Yass Tribune. The Clean Energy Council’s Policy Director Russell Marsh has welcomed figures released by energy company Suzlon, which show around $10 million was spent on local suppliers in Bungendore and the surrounding region during the construction of the Capital Wind Farm. Suzlon was responsible for the sourcing and construction of turbines for the wind farm, and the company says the large amount of investment directed into the local area shows the strong community benefits from such projects. Suzlon worked closely with a group called the Industry Capability Network to ensure local suppliers and services … Continue reading ‘Wind’s $10 million local injection’

wind industry debate in Yass

This release comes from the Clean Energy Council. There is a public forum being held in Yass this weekend to discuss wind energy development in the region. Alby Schultz will be speaking at this event. Media Release – Thursday, June 30 2011 Stand up for your community and the environment The push by the Federal Member for Hume Alby Schultz to stop all proposed wind farms will hurt rural towns, businesses and the environment. The Clean Energy Council’s Policy Director Russell Marsh said the potential economic and social benefits of wind farms to regional NSW, and Hume in particular, were … Continue reading wind industry debate in Yass

Call for wind farm moratorium

The following article comes from the Hamilton Spectator. The (misleadingly named) Australian Environment Foundation are calling for a complete stop to wind farm development until the Senate Inquiry’s recommended health study has taken place. We support such a study going ahead, but we have to note that there has so far been no peer-reviewed evidence anywhere to link wind farms with direct health effects. The $2.5 million set aside in the Victorian state budget to identify “no-go” regions for wind farms would have been much better directed to such a health study which might help to clear the air in … Continue reading Call for wind farm moratorium

Global Wind Day

The following item comes from the Clean Energy Council. Global Wind Day is an event held to celebrate wind power and the positive changes that can come as the world moves towards a clean energy future. More than 75 countries around the world have installed wind turbines, creating thousands of jobs and reducing pollution. In Australia, wind power will be one of the key technologies that helps Australia meet its 20% Renewable Energy Target by 2020. Polling shows that wind energy enjoys an 80 per cent support rate. The Clean Energy Council is celebrating Global Wind Day by launching educational … Continue reading Global Wind Day