Pollie Watch: Premier’s Renewable Energy Plan

PREMIER Daniel Andrews elected the Challicum Hills Wind Farm near Buangor on last week as the location to announce a plan to make Victoria the country’s leading state in renewable energy. Mr Andrews praised Ararat Rural City as the state’s … Continue reading Pollie Watch: Premier’s Renewable Energy Plan

PollieWatch: Liberal candidate for Macedon flags exemption for community wind farms

Liberal candidate for the hotly-contested seat of Macedon, Donna Petrovich, has shifted her position on wind energy as a result of a community campaign. The move could signal a shift on wind energy policy from the Napthine government. Ms Petrovich has … Continue reading PollieWatch: Liberal candidate for Macedon flags exemption for community wind farms

A wind farmers story…

In Australia the noisy and misleading petitions of the anti-wind farm lobby, and the politicians who echo these claims, tend to drown out the quiet successes that have been accumulating across the country since the industry’s inception.

It is for this reason that stories like those of Ararat farmer Graeme Maconachie’s (see video below produced by our friends, the Victorian Wind Alliance) can still provide a potent reminder of wind power’s ready benefits to struggling rural economies, but also to the prospects of future generations.

Projects like the 52.5MW Challicum Hills wind farm featured in the video, which has supplied the region with much needed employment, investment and emissions abatement (140,000 tones p.a) opportunities since 2002, however, are at risk.  

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Ararat’s wind farm lessons for Mitchell Shire

On November 16, BEAM-Mitchell Environment Group and Yes 2 Renewables will present an Energy Futures Forum in Seymour. The event is already sparking interest in the region which is the site of the proposed Cherry Tree Range wind farm.

What is it like living near a wind farm? Do wind farms strengthen local economies and build resilient communities? These questions are on the minds of community members as they consider the region’s first wind farm.

We could think of no one better to explore these issues than long-serving councillor Gwenda Allgood. Here’s a taste of what Gwenda will cover at the Energy Futures Forum. Original article published by BEAM.  Continue reading “Ararat’s wind farm lessons for Mitchell Shire”

New research busts myth wind farms decrease property prices

69b83550-dc3a-11e0-98bd-005056b06a0e-4812170New research by the Victorian Greens demolishes claims made by anti-wind farm activists that wind farms result in decreased property value.

Anti-wind activists claim wind farms reduce property values. The research conducted by Victorian Greens leader Greg Barber shows, once again, that the claim is not supported by evidence.

The claim that wind farms reduce property prices is a staple of anti-wind groups campaigning against proposed developments.

The analysis conducted by the office of Greg Barber MLC compares median house-price sales for postcodes with wind farms to the average prices of the local government area. It found no relationship between the presence of wind farms and lower property prices. Continue reading “New research busts myth wind farms decrease property prices”