Y2R chats to Robbie from Rokewood about renewable energy & Golden Plains wind farm proposal

On Friday the 15th June, members of Yes 2 Renewables paid a visit to the Victorian township of Rokewood to celebrate Global Wind Day with landholders and residents at the local solar-powered pub.

We took the chance to have a chat with Robbie from Rokewood, who works at the Geelong Port and is a big fan of renewable energy.

Watch this video to hear what Robbie thinks about renewable energy and the Golden Plains wind farm proposed for the area!

TAKE ACTION: Sign the petition to protect renewable energy jobs — the Matthew Guy opposition have pledge to axe Victoria’s Renewable Energy Target if elected

BE A RENEWABLE ENERGY CHAMPION: Chip in to our crowdfunder for our new campaign to power Melbourne’s trains with renewable energy. You can also sign up to become an active friend of Yes 2 Renewables today to support our grassroots campaign for 100% Renewable Energy — good jobs, drought proof income and climate action.


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