Fed govt must stop attacks on state climate and energy leadership while Finkel review undertaken

National environment group Friends of the Earth has called on the Federal government to stop political attacks on state climate and energy policy leadership while the Finkel Review is undertaken.

“State and territory governments have shown leadership on climate change and renewable energy in the absence of Federal government policy,” said Leigh Ewbank, Friends of the Earth energy spokesperson.

“We know which direction the world is moving, and it’s towards clean renewable energy sources.”

The Federal government can show leadership by putting an end to political attacks on state initiatives while the Finkel review is undertaken.

“PM Malcolm Turnbull can show leadership by reigning in hot-headed MPs during the review period.”

“It’s time to end the blame game and back the community’s vision of a renewable energy powered future.”

Friends of the Earth urge the Turnbull government to be open to the Finkel Review’s recommendations.

“Ruling out policy measures before chief scientist Alan Finkel’s review concludes will lead to poor policy outcomes for Australia,” said Ewbank.

The Minister for Energy Josh Frydenberg’s policy backflip earlier this week was a capitulation to the hard-right of the LNP and damaged the Turnbull government.

For the Finkel Review to be credible and taken seriously by the community, a plan for energy storage in South Australia must be on the table.

“Rolling out renewables with energy storage is a policy priority for South Australia,” said Leigh Ewbank.

“South Australia can have a cleaner and more resilient electricity system with the construction of 24-hour solar power in Port Augusta and the rollout of household energy storage.”

“South Australia needs more support for renewable energy, and storage is something all South Australian households and businesses deserve.”


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