New analysis: Solar with storage cheaper than the grid (implications for SA)

New analysis by leading energy consultant Bruce Mountain (CME) finds the combination of solar and battery storage can deliver cheaper power than the electricity grid.

“A typical household in the suburbs of Adelaide can now meet its electrical needs with solar and battery storage for about the same amount they would pay on a competitive offer from the grid,” said Mr Mountain, whose analysis published at RenewEconomy is based on Tesla’s second-generation Powerwall battery.

“And no need to worry about blackouts or bill shock.”

“The economics of renewables and batteries has profound implications for consumers, solar and battery producers and installers, electricity retailers, centrally dispatched generators, network service providers, market operators, regulators and governments,” he concludes.

Friends of the Earth welcomes the analysis and says rolling out renewables with energy storage should now be a focus of South Australian policymakers.

“Early analysis shows it’s cheaper to power your home from solar with batteries than purchase power from the grid,” said Leigh Ewbank, Friends of the Earth renewable energy spokesperson.

“If politicians are serious about the state’s energy future, then policies to rollout household solar and energy storage will be on the table.”

Mr Mountain’s analysis comes several weeks after the fossil fuel sector launched a second aggressive attack on South Australia’s renewable energy leadership, blaming wind farms and solar homes for a recent statewide blackout rather than the obvious cause: a one-in-fifty-year storm.

“The fossil fuel lobby can see the writing on the wall for polluting coal and gas power, that’s why they’re attacking wind farms and solar homes. Fortunately the community isn’t buying the anti-renewables spin,” said Leigh Ewbank.

“Talking down South Australia’s renewable energy sector is threat to millions of dollars worth of investment and thousands of jobs. It’s also at odds with action on climate change and the community’s vision of a clean, renewable energy powered future.”

“Premier Weatherill and opposition leader Steven Marshall can show political leadership by standing up to the fossil fuel lobby’s bullying. Strong public support for renewables will secure jobs and investment in the state.”


  • If you want to defend SA’s renewable energy leadership from the fossil fuel lobby’s ongoing attacks, take the Pledge to Defend Renewables. 


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