#VRET draws NZ’s Tilt Renewables to Melb creating jobs: will Matthew Guy back ambitious renewables targets?

With NZ wind company Tilt Renewables announcing it will move its regional HQ to Melbourne as Victoria gears up to meet ambitious renewables targets, Opposition Leader Matthew Guy can show leadership on renewable jobs & investment by backing the Victorian Renewable Energy Target.

As reported in Reneweconomy yesterday the strategic move will create an estimated 35 jobs and bring an estimated portfolio of $1.3 billion in NZ and Australian wind and solar assets to Melbourne, a decision that will surely be welcomed by Liberal Lord Mayor Robert Doyle.

The increase in investment and jobs is a sign of things to come as the state sets out to reach ambitious Victorian Renewable Energy Targets of 25% by 2020 and 40% by 2025.

Tilt Renewables’ plan was welcomed by Energy & Environment Minister Lily D’Ambrosio who said “Growing renewable energy means growing jobs and we want a big boost to both right here in Victoria” in a government media release yesterday.

Minister for Resources, Industry and Employment Wade Noonan described the move as “testment to Victoria’s position as the nation’s renewable energy leader and one of the best places in the world to do business.”

Attracting much needed investment and jobs in renewable energy to Victoria is something all parties can support: Opposition Leader Matthew Guy can do just that by providing bipartisan support for the VRET.

The Opposition Leader and Shadow Renewable Energy Minister David Southwick MP can take inspiration from the Canberra Liberal Party, whose Shadow Environment Minister Nicole Lawder MLA recently announced support for the ACT 100% Renewable Energy Target in a move welcomed by Friends of the Earth Melbourne and 350.org Canberra.

Most Victorians support an urgent shift to renewable energy, including a majority of Liberal voters: time will tell if Opposition Leader Matthew Guy will match overwhelming community support with a bipartisan commitment to ambitious Victorian Renewable Energy Targets.

Want to see Victoria smash the VRET? TAKE ACTION NOW!

  • Make a donation to Yes 2 Renewables so we can act as a VRET watchdog. We’re proud of our campaign on the VRET. With your support we’ll secure it.
  • Email opposition leader Matthew Guy to encourage him to back the VRET. The transition to renewables ought to be a above party politics.

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