ACT Libs back 100% renewables target: Will Matthew Guy lead by supporting VRET?

The ACT Liberal party has announced its backing for the territory’s Renewable Energy Target of 100 percent by 2020.

The ACT Liberal party’s leadership shows ambitious renewable energy policies can win bipartisan support. The move sets an example for Victorian opposition leader Matthew Guy to follow with the state’s own Renewable Energy Targets set to take effect.

In July, the Andrews government announced ambitious Victorian Renewable Energy Targets (VRET) of 25 percent by 2020 and 40 percent by 2025.

Like the ACT scheme, Victoria will use competitive reverse auctions to drive investment in renewable energy projects–a measure that won the backing of Greg Hunt during his tenure as Federal Minister for the Environment.

“If elected, the Canberra Liberals will continue with the current legislated targets of 100 percent renewable energy for the ACT by 2020 and achieving zero net emissions by 2050,” said a statement from Shadow Minister for Environment Nicole Lawder.

“The Canberra Liberals are committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and encouraging the use and advancement of renewable energy. It’s important to lead the way here in the ACT,” Ms Lawder said.

“We are also committed to the interim target of 40 percent less than 1990 levels of carbon emissions.”

“We recognise that renewable energy is an important part of our transition to a low emissions economy and the Canberra Liberals are committed to protecting our environment for future generations.”

“Continuing with these targets means we’ll make further progress towards a cleaner and more sustainable environment in the future,” Ms Lawder concluded.

A clean and modernised electricity sector is good for jobs, investment, and our climate. It’s the type of outcome that all political parties can support. The ACT Liberal party’s commitment on renewable energy and climate change confirms this possibility.

The Matthew Guy opposition can show leadership by supporting the Victorian Renewable Energy Targets. This move would build on earlier leadership to appoint David Southwick the first Shadow Minister for Renewable Energy of any jurisdiction in Australia.

Liberal party support for the VRET will allow Shadow Minister David Southwick to live up to his rousing speech given to the Ban Gasfields + Grow Renewables rally on the steps of Parliament in February 2016.

By supporting the VRETs, the Opposition Leader Matthew Guy and Shadow Minister David Southwick would join John Hewson and Senator Peter Rae as renewable energy champions in the Liberal party’s ranks.

Recent polling shows strong community support for a transition to 100 percent renewables. Will the Victorian Liberal and National party’s support that vision? We’ll soon find out…


  • Make a donation to Yes 2 Renewables so we can act as a VRET watchdog. We’re proud of our campaign on the VRET. With your support we’ll secure it.
  • Email opposition leader Matthew Guy to encourage him to back the VRET. The transition to renewables ought to be a above party politics.

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