VRET Auctions open for consultation: Best practise will prioritise jobs & community energy

The Andrews government has taken the first step towards it’s ambitious VRET plan, with state Energy Minister Lily D’Ambrosio opening the consultation process for Victoria’s Renewable Energy Auctions last Friday.

Yes 2 Renewables spearheaded the Friends of the Earth campaign for a Victorian Renewable Energy Target and welcome the announcement, which shows the Andrews Government is serious about achieving the VRET of 40% by 2025.

“The Renewable Energy Auctions can deliver benefits for workers and the environment by adopting measure that encourage local jobs and manufacturing,” said Y2R’s Clean Energy Jobs Coordinator Pat Simons.

The Victorian government has adopted competitive reverse energy auctions pioneered to meet the ACT Government’s 100% Renewable Energy target.

It remains to be seen if the auctions will drive investment in energy storage like the ACT scheme as well as the emerging community energy sector.

“It’s high time to rebuild the renewable energy industry after the Abbott Government’s attacks on the sector saw investment collapse by 90% and almost 2,500 people lose their jobs,” said Pat Simons.

The announcement was made last week at a Committee for Economic Development Australia lunch, where Lily D’Ambrosio also defended the renewable energy industry from recent anti-renewables scare campaigning in South Australia.

D’Ambrosio also flagged the need for the National Energy Market (NEM) to prioritise reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  There is a burgeoning consensus the NEM objectives are out of step with the real world challenges of climate change and renewable energy transition.

The VRET auctions show that in the absence of federal leadership state governments are at the forefront of renewable energy policy.

Friends of the Earth call on the Victorian Parliament to support the  competitive reverse energy auctions.

“Opposition Leader Matthew Guy can demonstrate his renewable energy credentials by endorsing the Victorian Renewable Energy Target.”


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