City of Melb leads with renewable energy purchase, now it’s Spring St’s turn

A City of Melbourne-led consortium is advertising a call for tenders for 110 gigawatt hours of renewable energy. The initiative is a welcome act of leadership as the Victorian government prepares to release it’s long-awaited Renewable Energy Action Plan.

The consortium’s renewable energy purchase will require the equivalent to 15 wind turbines or 250,000 solar panels and will help the City of Melbourne meet its Renewable Energy target of 25 percent by 2018.

While the initiative will spur on the renewable energy sector in the short term, Victoria still needs a comprehensive state government policy to get the sector back on track. And it’s time for the Andrews government to deliver.

Federal government attacks on renewable energy cost jobs, investment, and our climate.

A Friends of the Earth survey of renewable energy companies in Melbourne found job numbers fell from 556 in 2013 to 507 in 2014–a  9 percent decrease–in response to policy uncertainty surrounding the national RET scheme.

The City of Melbourne initiative signals better times ahead for the cleantech sector. But the litmus test will come with the release of the Andrews government’s Renewable Energy Action Plan that will set Victorian Renewable Energy Targets. (The government has pledged at least 20 percent by 2020).

The community is calling out for Premier Daniel Andrews to put Victoria on a pathway to 100 percent renewables. Adopting a strong 2020 target is the first step on that path.

Recently released Friends of the Earth research shows Victoria could achieve at least 30 percent renewable energy 2020 by building the wind farms that are on the books and maintaining a medium projection of solar growth.


If the Victorian government action plan implements the best practice policies of the ACT, then the state can become a safehaven for renewable energy.

A strong and growing renewable energy sector is something all political parties can support.

The City of Melbourne’s renewable energy purchase comes under the tenure of Lord Mayor Robert Doyle–the former Liberal opposition leader. We think the Lord Mayor’s positive approach to renewable energy can be adopted by current opposition leader Matthew Guy.

Supporting Victorian Renewable Energy Targets would bolster opposition leader Matthew Guy’s renewable energy credentials.

If you’d like to see the government set a respectable Victorian Renewable Energy Target– one that’s ambitious and achievable–here are some ways you can help…


  • Send a message to Premier Daniel Andrews, Deputy-Premier James Merlino, and Treasurer Tim Pallas today. We’ve made it easy for you to have your say by putting together an online email tool. Click here to take action.
  • Support our campaign by making a donation.

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