Pollie Watch: NSW Minister Pru Goward airs “bizarre” wind farm views

NSW Assistant Minister for Health Pru Goward.

National environment group Friends of the Earth has branded NSW Assistant Health Minister Pru Goward’s comments on wind farms “bizarre.”

The organisation has called on the NSW government to make a statement correcting the record on wind farms after Ms Goward claimed vibrations from wind farms “resonate in skulls” and cause health issues that are “not psychosomatic.”

Goward’s statement on the alleged health impacts of wind farms is out-of-step with the view of public health experts. Minister Goward is not a doctor and should defer to the experts on the matter.

Yes 2 Renewabes co-ordinator Leigh Ewbank responded to Minister Goward’s comments as they could cause undue concern in the community. His response was published by the Sydney Morning Herald:

Here are some other notable comments responding to Minister Goward’s claims:



NSW Assistant Minister for Health Pru Goward has not commented since making the bizarre claims.

With the Victorian Department of Health, Australian Medical Association, among others, dismissing claims wind turbines cause health problems, the only appropriate response is for the NSW government to do the same.

Yes 2 Renewables will keep an eye out for the Baird government’s response.


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