MEDIA RELEASE: Wind commissioner the stuff of satire

National environment group Friends of the Earth have branded the newly established wind commissioner role a joke:

“The establishment of a wind commissioner is the stuff of satire,” said Friends of the Earth renewables spokesperson, Leigh Ewbank.


While Federal government became a laughing stock over its renewable energy policies during the Abbott era, state and territory governments have won respect for their leadership.

“Fortunately for the community, state governments are showing leadership when it comes to renewable energy,” added Ewbank. “They’re implementing policies to stimulate investment and create jobs.”


“The Daniel Andrews government, for example, will soon announce an ambitious Victorian Renewable Energy Target to get shovel-ready wind farms built.”

“The Andrews government was elected with a pro-wind energy platform. It had a mandate to rip up the Victorian Coalition’s anti wind farm laws.”

“Measures designed to stall the wind energy sector wont stand the test or time. The Baillieu government’s anti-wind laws lasted just four years.”


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