Premier welcomes China/Vic solar tech deal, strong state policies will create more jobs

Premier Daniel Andrews has welcomed a Victoria/China solar technology partnership during a trade mission to China that will create 200 jobs in the state.

Friends of the Earth say the announcement is good news for renewable energy jobs in Victoria, and reaffirm the need for strong state government policies to grow the renewable energy sector.

Technology company RayGen Resources Pty Ltd, based in Blackburn in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, will partner with Chinese company JuYe Solar.

RayGen will build receivers for concentrated solar photovoltaic (CSPV) systems that will be deployed in China–creating jobs in engineering, manufacturing, and research.

“Chinese investment in Victorian businesses is helping to create jobs in our state,” said Premier Daniel Andrews.

“This landmark agreement brings 200 new jobs to Victoria in engineering, research and development, and high-tech manufacturing.”

Friends of the Earth welcome the agreement between Chinese and Victorian renewable energy technology companies.

“China’s renewable energy sector is booming. Victorian tech companies have the skill and expertise to seize the opportunities presented by China’s renewable energy revolution,” said Yes 2 Renewables coordinator Leigh Ewbank.

Friends of the Earth says international agreements on renewable energy technology will grow the sector and jobs. However, it will be strong domestic policies from the Victorian government that will create many times more jobs.

“Strong state government policies will attract investment and create thousands of jobs in Victoria’s renewable energy sector,” said Leigh Ewbank.

“The Andrews government has got the state back on track by restoring fair laws for wind farms and committing to two Victorian Renewable Energy Targets.”

“Now’s the time for Premier Daniel Andrews to set ambitious state Renewable Energy Targets, ratcheting up the pledge of at least 20 per cent by 2020.”

“Greater renewable energy ambition means more jobs for Victorians, and more investment in our state.”


If you’d like to join our call for the government to lift the ambition of Victorian Renewable Energy Targets, here are some simple steps you can take…



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