Voters back ALP’s 50% renewable goal, strengthens case for Vic target

New polling from Essential Research shows voters back the Australian Labor Party’s commitment to a national goal of 50% renewable energy by 2030.

Strong support for the ALP’s goal strengthens the case for leadership from the Andrews government in Victoria.

The alternative government’s renewable energy commitment that was endorsed at its national conference in July enjoys strong public support, with 65 per cent approving the measure.

The proposal to grow renewable energy is highly popular with Labor and Green voters. It even registered solid support among Liberal voters, with 45 per cent supporting the renewable energy goal.

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The ALP’s leadership position creates a major point of differentiation between them and the Coalition government.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has sabotaged the renewable energy sector with a savage 20 per cent cut to the national RET, and dictate to the Clean Energy Finance Corporation to no longer invest in rooftop solar and wind farms.

The PM’s personal loathing of wind farms, which he aired on Alan Jones’ radio program, is well-known in the community.

The ALP’s commitment to 50 per cent renewables was welcomed by Victorian Energy Minister Lily D’Ambrosio at the Energy Users Association of Australia‘s recent Victorian Energy Forum.

The alternative federal government’s plan has implications for state energy policy. A state government Renewable Energy Action Plan is in development and due for release late this year.


A Victorian Renewable Energy Target must be the central plank of a plan to build wind farms and create jobs in Victoria. A VRET will help get shovel-ready wind farms built. It can create thousands of jobs across the state.

The Andrews government wants to make Victoria Australia’s renewable energy capital. When it comes to policies with a proven track record of success, it can look to the ACT Labor government for inspiration.

It’s the ACTs Renewable Energy Target of 90 per cent by 2020 that has secured construction of the Ararat and Coonooer Bridge wind farms in Victoria.

With over 2,000MW of wind farms already approved across the state, Victoria can introduce similar measures to get them built.

Will Premier Daniel Andrews follow the lead of federal counterparts and back a Victorian Renewable Energy Target of 50 per cent by 2030?

Such a policy would help our state grow renewables, create jobs, and tackle climate change. Plus it would be a hit with voters.



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