Abbott govt bullies Clean Energy Finance Corp, puts ideology ahead of sound investments

The Abbott government is at war with renewable energy.

On Sunday 12 July, Fairfax revealed the Abbott government had directed the independent Clean Energy Finance Corporation not to invest in wind farms.

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 8.26.59 am
Breaking News: Abbott at war with renewables.

Just hours later, it was reported that Treasurer Joe Hockey had written to the CEFC demanding it no longer support household solar power.

The Abbott government’s actions are a deliberate attempt to sabotage the Australian renewable energy sector. The decisions put ideology ahead of sound investment decisions. They will cost jobs, investment, and action on climate change.

“The Clean Energy Finance Corporation is independent from government and makes investment decisions based on what delivers the best return for the Commonwealth,” said Leigh Ewbank, Friends of the Earth’s renewable energy spokesperson.

CEFC executive Meg McDonald explains the corp’s mission…

“The Abbott government’s prejudice against wind farms will result in sub-optimum investment decisions. It will limit the rate of return for Australian taxpayers.”

Friends of the Earth say the Abbott government’s directive to the finance corporation amounts to bullying and interference.

“The Abbott government is bullying the Clean Energy Finance Corporation with its dictates. This is just the latest ideological attack on renewable energy from the Coalition,” said Ewbank.

“The Abbott government is sabotaging Australia’s energy future. This backwards step will cost Australia jobs and investment.”

State leadership is needed to protect the renewable energy sector from the Federal government’s anti-renewables agenda.

“The more backward steps PM Tony Abbott takes on renewables, the stronger the case for state government leadership. State Premiers such as Daniel Andrews in Victoria can create a safe-haven for the renewable energy sector.”

“State leadership is needed now more than ever. Only the states can protect the sector and secure jobs, investment, and clean power.”

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews: Forward looking when it comes to renewable energy.


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