Opinion: No evidence of Harm

The discussion over the wind energy inquiry continues with those in the community pitching their opinions over the political dilemma. These two opinion letters appear in stark contrast to the federal government’s attitude to a viable industry.


No evidence of harm, The Canberra Times:

The Prime Minister is obviously set on having inquiry after inquiry into the alleged health effects of wind-farm turbines until he finds someone, somewhere willing to tell him want he wants to hear.

Never mind that not one science or medical-based inquiry in the world has found any evidence of the health effects alleged by opponents.

As with the most important issue in the world today, cutting or eliminating greenhouse gas emissions to limit the extent to which we are changing our climate and accelerating global sea level rises, the government seems to be under the delusion that wishing will make it so.

In 2013, I stood beside a huge wind turbine supplying electricity to the main port and town on the Orkney Islands, off Scotland’s north-east coast.

I suffered no ill-effects.

I marvelled that the people of Orkney generate much of their electricity from wind turbines, despite their proximity to the North Sea oil and gasfields.

Rod Olsen, Flynn

Local doctors and WTS:

My home is in Crystal Brook where the local medical practice happens to be the nearest to the 27-turbine Clements Gap Wind Farm.  I visited one of the local doctors today.  She is relatively new to Crystal Brook, has been here for only four months.  It was the first time I had consulted her and I asked if anyone had complained to her about being made ill by the wind turbines.

Less than 15km separates the town from the turbines, and Sarah Laurie (who was for a short while a GP at the same medical practice) is also a local.  Sarah has for years been busy telling the world that turbines can harm people even from a distance of 15km, and there are quite a few who live much closer to the turbines than the town itself, some within a kilometre or so.  You’d think, even in the knowledge that wind turbines don’t really make people ill, at least a few people in the vicinity might believe that their health had been affected and complain to the local doctors.

The astute reader is probably foreseeing what is coming.  The doctor had not had anyone complain about being made ill by the turbines.  Some readers might quite reasonably ask: “Yes, but she was new to the town, what about the other doctors?”

She was the sixth doctor in the Crystal Brook medical practice who I have asked over the years.  Not one of them reported any medical complaints relating to the wind farm!

Regards, Dave Clarke


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13 thoughts on “Opinion: No evidence of Harm

  1. Hence the hypocrisy of the green movement, Gerard.

    The second author knows about the Gares, he actually told me they appeared to be a genuine case and then he writes that rubbish.

    Of course the doctors did not tell him about any wind farm complaints, they are bound by strict confidentiality.

    You can’t believe anything they say!


  2. Gerard, TCW, welcome back, haven’t seen you snide anti-winders in a while. Great timing for your comments, this came out yesterday: (The Australian 1/7/15)

    ‘The Senate Inquiry into wind farms has heard evidence from the South Australian Environmental Protection Authority highlighting doubts over claims wind farm infrasound is causing health complaints.

    Peter Dolan, operations director at the EPA told the Senate Inquiry that its two-month study of the Waterloo Wind Farm had found that those concerned about the wind farm complained of infrasound noise even when the wind turbines were shut off.

    He noted that infrasound is created by a range of other sources which are generally accepted by the community without great concern for health explaining, “Many millions of Australians are exposed to infrasound from road traffic”.

    Have a nice day guys.

  3. It’s very sad when you come across someone who is clearly suffering from some illness, and has been fed this line that it’s caused by “infrasound” from wind turbines. Instead of seeking the actual problem and getting the treatment they actually need, they are then sent off as cannon fodder for the anti-wind crusade. It’s a callous manipulation, that only benefits the Squires who want to maintain the views from their country estate (or their fossil fuel industry investment portfolio).

      1. It is pity that you can’t have any empathy for the Gares or David Mortimer and the ill and their suffering. Hatred is such a terrible emotion.

    1. Gerard, TCW,

      Where is you concern for the health of the people of Morwell?

      And what about the poor people living in cities? http://www.theguardian.com/society/2015/jun/24/noisy-roads-linked-to-higher-stroke-risk

      Isn’t it interesting that the World Health Organisation (WHO) sets 55 decibels as the threshold of community noise beyond which health problems are possible? it really puts some perspective on the 40decibels placed by Planning departments at receivers of wind farms doesn’t it?

      1. You really are a bit wacko Pat who said I do not have concern about the people of Morwell or those that live near busy roads. This site is about renewable energy and it seems more particularly about wind energy and looking after the interests of mostly foreign wind farm developers over the rights and health of rural residents. Have a look at this site to see what I mean: http://stopthesethings.com/2015/06/15/sa-farmers-paid-1-million-to-host-19-turbines-tell-senate-they-would-never-do-it-again-due-to-unbearable-sleep-destroying-noise/

      2. Gerard,

        Do you treat STT as an unbiased reliable news source? And you call me wacko…

        I read the Gares submission and it is indeed sad. But what it doesn’t address is whether there is some underlying medical condition that the Gares had before the arrival of the wind farm. I mean how do you explain the following?


        How do you explain the dozens of wind farm landowners across the country who have no health issues, or the 100’s of service technicians who work on them?

        And I really like this picture…

        What do you think?

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