Steps towards a Totally Renewable Yackandandah

Totally Renewable Yackandandah have secured funding for their efforts to turn the town’s electricity 100% renewable. The Daniel Andrews government’s commitment to establishing a Victorian Renewable Energy Target announced yesterday will further the potential of community efforts in our state.

Indigo Shire Council and the Yackandandah Chamber of Commerce have together committed $10,000 to support the community renewable energy group, Totally Renewable Yackandandah (TRY).

Just over a year ago, the Yackandandah community set itself a goal to generate 100% of its electricity needs with clean, renewable electricity by the year 2022. The Chamber’s financial support will be used to attract additional government support for a “Yackandandah energy blueprint”.

TRY 1Chamber president Cheryl Webster said the Chamber was thrilled the community of Yackandandah had “embraced the amazing potential of renewable electricity”.”It makes sense at so many levels,” she said. “A win for families, a win for our community, a win for business and a win for the environment.”

The commitment coincides with the Victorian Government budgetary announcement of the $20 million New Energy Fund. TRY hopes this fund might assist the community of Yackandandah to realise a 100% renewable electricity goal.

TRY president Matthew Charles-Jones said “profound and positive opportunities are unfolding due to the rapid transformation in energy saving, generation and storage technologies.”

TRY w L“This transformation can be coupled with strong expansion in financing alternatives and tumbling costs. We are thrilled that Indigo Shire Council also recognises this opportunity,” he said.

“A blueprint would provide a crucial focus for the reinvention and advancement of our local electricity systems. Such a blueprint would prepare a strategic guide to inform community engagement, energy efficiency, appropriate technologies and finance innovation.”

Already, 33% of buildings in Yackandandah have rooftop solar installations, compared with the national average of 15%. Indigo Shire Mayor Cr Bernard Gaffney said Indigo Shire “now has a rich opportunity to promote the social and business development potential of advanced energy systems and strive to curb carbon emissions”.



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