Response to Anglesea coal closure: Renewable energy plan needed to create new jobs

SCAAMEDIA RELEASE: Alcoa coal closure respects community’s vision. Renewable energy plan needed to create new jobs

Alcoa Australia have announced closure of the Anglesea coal mine and power plant on Aug 31 in response to a strong community campaign by Surf Coast Air Action.

Friends of the Earth have been a proud supporter of the Anglesea community in their fight for closing the polluting power plant and protecting public health.

“We welcome Alcoa’s decision. It respects the community’s vision,” said Leigh Ewbank, Friends of the Earth’s renewable energy spokesperson.

“Alcoa’s decision sets a precedent. It shows that community’s can revoke the social licence for coal to operate.”

“The Anglesea community’s campaign effectively made this polluting coal plant plant a stranded asset. Coal operators must be wondering which coal-affected community will be next to revoke the social licence.”

Friends of the Earth say state government leadership on renewable energy can create new job opportunities for power sector workers.

“Now’s the time to ensure that the coal workers and their families are looked after.”

“A Victorian Renewable Energy Target and other measures that encourage the rollout of renewables will create new jobs in the power sector.”

“State government leadership can create new opportunities for skilled jobs in the renewable energy sector.”

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