RET Watch: Abbott’s attack on renewables is costing jobs

Workers-install-solar-pan-007As Yes 2 Renewables coordinator, nothing fires me up more than job losses. Too many good people have been retrenched due to the Abbott government’s prolonged attack on the national Renewable Energy Target. People from welders and metal workers, to engineers and planning analysts.

I penned the following letter to the editor after reading about new Australian Bureau of Statistics data that found 15 per cent drop in renewable energy jobs since 2011-12. The letter was published by a few papers, including The Observer:

Letter to the Editor: Abbott’s attack on renewables is costing jobs. 

New Australian Bureau of Statistics data shows the Abbott government’s attack on renewable energy has cost the country 2,500 jobs since 2011-12.

The findings put the government’s track record on job creation in the spotlight. Some will now view Prime Minister Abbott’s 2013 election promise to create two million new jobs as empty rhetoric.

If the Coalition was serious about jobs in Australia they would start supporting the renewable energy industry instead of attacking it.

It’s time for the Abbott government to come to an agreement on the Renewable Energy Target. Failure to do so will result in more jobs losses and further damage to our economy.

Leigh Ewbank, Friends of the Earth’s renewable energy coordinator.

If you want a renewable energy-powered future for Australia, here are a few simple actions you can take to support the Renewable Energy Target.


  • Sign our petition calling on Prime Minister Tony Abbott to keep his election promise and maintain the national Renewable Energy Target as it stands.
  • Help us get climate change and renewables on the agenda of the Australian Labor Party’s national conference. Add your name to our open letter to opposition leader Bill Shorten.
  • Support our campaign by getting involved or making a donation.
  • Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.

One thought on “RET Watch: Abbott’s attack on renewables is costing jobs

  1. Hi Leigh, good one. An idea which might touch a raw nerve with politicians, many of these jobs are in the Regions. Pollies are nervous and devoid of ideas about how to keep and/or make new jobs in Regions. Good example is hanging on, desperately, to catastrophe of Hazelwood.

    Hey, if they exported brown coal from Corner Inlet, proposed to get there by truck, instead of trucks empty on return trip, they could import alumina and build a new smelter in the Valley. Obviously this would make a nuke viable and justify pipeline from Desal. Sickest aspect is noels would take this seriously, cya, B. +61 0419 702 211


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