RET WATCH: Target has big impact

camFriends of the Earth’s campaigns coordinator, Cam Walker, has chimed in to the Renewable Energy Target debate with a letter published in The Border Mail.

TONY Abbott says his government is “inching closer” to a deal on the renewable energy target “Renewed energy target in sight” (The Border Mail, March 14).

Negotiations over the government’s attempt to cut the target have dragged on for months, causing job losses in the sector.

In the words of the Clean Energy Council, investment has “collapsed” in the face of continued uncertainty.

One of the great advantages of renewable energy compared with coal-fired power stations is that benefits are not located in just one or two places in each state, but shared across regions.

Job losses are already impacting regional Australia and will be far worse if a lower target is adopted.

With the government continuing to push a major cut to the target, the onus is now on the federal ALP to resist any deal that will reduce the target.

Renewable energy is one of the key tools for cutting greenhouse pollution. It is also job rich and provides income for local councils and landowners.

Any reduction from the mandated target of 41,000 gigawatt hours will be disastrous for the climate, employment and investment.

CAM WALKER, Campaigns co-ordinator, Friends of the Earth Australia


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