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MEDIA RELEASE: Flat Earth Institute endorse Senator Madigan’s wind energy witch hunt

MEDIA RELEASE: 23 March, 2015

Today, the Flat Earth Institute has thrown its weight behind the Senate Select Committee on Wind Turbines, endorsing the inquisition.

The inquisition, chaired by long-standing critic of wind energy Senator John Madigan (DLP), is the second senate inquiry into the technology since 2011 and the fourteenth review conducted by an Australian government or agency in six years.

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Chair of the Senate Select Committee on Wind Turbines, Senator John Madigan (DLP)

“We proudly endorseth Senator John Madigan’s inquisition into wind energy. It buildeth on our legacy of denying enlightenment and excelling at witch-hunts,” said Professor Greenhausen of the Flat Earth Institute.

“As Senator Madigan hath stated ‘Submarines are the spaceships of the oceans’. Ye satanic windmills are verily heathen science bequeathed by snollygosters that fail to honour the old ways and displeaseth the coal gods.”

The Flat Earth Institute would like to remind the public that the submissions close at 5pm, Monday 23 March.

“The Institute haveth made a thorough submission to the wind energy inquisition. Thou encourage noble citizens of Australia to speaketh up, for the heathen renewable energy advocates hath been ascendant for too long and must be stopped,” Professor Greenhausen added.

FEI Members
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  • Make a submission to the Senate Select Committee on Wind Turbines today. Yes 2 Renewables has put together the following resource and fact sheet to help you have your say. Submissions close 5pm, Monday 23 March, 2015, so get cracking… (NOTE: The Select Committee has extended the deadline to Monday 4 May)

7 thoughts on “MEDIA RELEASE: Flat Earth Institute endorse Senator Madigan’s wind energy witch hunt

  1. Dear Yes 2 Renwables

    Thanks for publicising the hilarious submission to the Senate Wind Farm Inquisition from the verily Flat Earth Society!

    Friends of the Earth Adelaide support Friends of the Earth Melbourne’s Yes 2 Renewables campaign for alternative energy to run Australia’s electricity supply. Professor Mark Diesendorf of the University of New South Wales has done extensive modelling to show that Australia can be completely powered with a mix of renewables including providing baseline power. Readers are welcome to join me in reading Professor Diesendorf’s new excellent book “Sustainable Energy Solutions for Climate Change”.

    regards, Robyn Wood Friends of the Earth Adelaide

  2. I say smite those blighters who look to the God of science! Perhaps we can encourage the good senator to return alchemy to its rightful place at the forefront of knowledge? Who knows, maybe Sen Madigan will discover the secret to making gold with special potions and various dark arts, in the process becoming a national hero by solving the budget difficulties? While he is at it, it would be nice if he did something for the long-suffering witches who have had a bit of a rough time over the last couple of centuries. At the very least he could provide a broom for every certified witch – the only problem I foresee is a shortage of brooms in Canberra.

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