TAKE ACTION: Make a submission to the Senate Inquiry on Wind Energy

australian-senateDespite the fact that the Australian senate conducted an inquiry into wind energy in 2011, senators with a track record opposing wind farms (such as Sen. John Madigan), have established another inquiry into the technology.

Unlike previous committee investigations where there was a range of views represented and balanced approach, this inquiry is stacked with anti-wind energy politicians.

Friends of the Earth’s Yes 2 Renewables project is calling on you to level the playing field by making a submission to the Senate Select Committee on Wind Turbines. We have until 5pm on Monday 4 May to make our views known.

All available public polling shows Australians want more wind energy. By sending in submissions, we can once again demonstrate that we want a renewable energy powered future; not one that relies on old, polluting fossil fuels.

Y2R GraphicMaking a submission is easy. All you have to do is:

  1. Introduce yourself. Explain who you are, where you live, and why you’re interested in the inquiry.
  2. Explain why you support more wind energy in Australia.
  3. Optional: Is there a wind energy myth have you heard, investigated, and found out was a furphy?
  4. Discuss your vision for Australia’s energy future. What does political leadership for our energy future look like?
  5. Thank the committee for the opportunity to make a submission.
  6. Once completed, email your submission to windturbines.sen@aph.gov.au before 5pm on Monday 4 May.

Yes 2 Renewables have posted a fully-referenced fact sheet responding to the key criticisms of wind energy that can aid your submission.

If you’ve never made a submission before, then you might like to read our simple ‘how to guide‘ for making a submission.

If you need a hand or would like any further information please contact coordinator, Leigh Ewbank on leigh.ewbank@foe.org.au.

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